Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am the "Sewing Machine"

WARNING - this is a really long post!

Okay - so what a couple of days...

First I want to begin my story with getting home from a LONG day of school. I finally arrived home this evening around 9:30pm - beat. I just want to sit for a minute and not do a dang thing. I flip through a few of our stolen cable channels to find nothing on. I realize all I want to do is sit and not have to think about what I should be doing. Looks like the only thing on TV at this moment is Friends. Yes, yes I know I made this stupid remark a long time ago at some mission homecoming talk...who say's stuff like that??? Well Folks, I broke down and watched a hecka funny episode of Friends. Okay - so what I'm getting at see my title, "I am the "Sewing Machine"" - well the episode that I watched, Ross - who looks OH MY GOSH HOT is mad at Joey for purposing to Rachel. As Ross and Joey are talking Ross say's something using his fingers as quotation marks - well Joey decides to be "smart" like Ross and use them back when they are talking. As we all know Joey is a "smart one" and uses them at the wrong time. I don't know what it was but I got laughing so hard. Basically it was just what the Dr. ordered for me, a dose of Friends. Besides that episode being funny, I to use quotation marks - in the air when I am talking, and when I blog.

So let me explain why I am the "Sewing Machine". On Tuesday for my sewing class - yes people say what you want about the classes that I am in, but this Family and Consumer Science Program is stressful and hard! Heck, I even have to take TWO ORGANIC CHEMISTRY classes that are pre recs for the Nursing Program - shoot me now! So yes, in my sewing class on Tuesday we had our "shirt" project that was due. Well bless my teachers heart she is giving us until Thursday to get it finished. I was at school until freaking midnight on Tuesday just trying to work on this "three hour" shirt as it say's on the pattern. Needless to say I did not get it finished or even close to finished. BECAUSE, you ask - I messed up so bad and had no extra material that I had to run down the street to Ace to see if they even remotely had any material close to the material I was working with. (Bought my material at Joann's in St. George). As I was close to tears, but never once broke down and cried, I considered jumping in my car and driving to St. George. I looked at my options and decided against it. I bought some purple material that was semi close to what I had been working with. I get back to working with my shirt and the collar, (the place I messed up at) and realize that my shirt looks RiiiiDICuLOUS! The next day and a "new day" I show up to class to work on my shirt. My teacher tells us we have until Thursday so I pull out my little planner and look at my day. Well lo and behold it looks like if I hurry I can make a trip to St. George to pick up 1/4 yard of material. Around six on Tuesday I drove to St. George and picked up some material. No worries, I didn't just drive to St. George just for 1/4 yard material (which I actually got 1/2 yard just in case anything else were to go wrong) I did end up going to the Temple (to calm down!) and even saw some old friends at the temple while I was there. It was a good night.

You still with me? Today, Wednesday I show up at school for another long day of classes to help me become a "Home Ec" teacher. After all my classes I went to the sewing lab for more work on my shirt. When I got there I decided that I needed to clean out my cupboard - for whatever reason, and guess what I found in my cleaning...yes that's right, leftover material from my shirt. GOOD HELL A MIGHTY!!! It's all good - I guess I needed to do my shirt collar three times to have a better understanding of how to make a "shirt collar". Tuesday, I was hating sewing, SO bad, Today - I love sewing once again, and want to tell the world that I will LEARN HOW TO SEW, I WILL LOVE IT, AND I'M ENJOYING IT, for the most part! I am way excited for my next project which is a pair of shorts that I am going to make for my trip to Hawaii in October. I got some super cute material, and am so excited about it. Sewing is sa fun! It sure has been a trial for me, but in the end I have grown so much, and have become quite the "Sewing Machine".(My material for my shorts)(The pattern for my Hawaiian Tourist shorts)(My first project this semester - a dress. This was a hellish project but I made it through and have this fun spring dress to sport!)(Aunt Debbie was so sweet to show me how to make my first flannel frayed baby quilt - what a night. Thanks Aunt Debbie and Jessie for helping me make that. Maybe the next time I make one I can do it myself?)

Wow - give yourself a pat on the back for actually making it through this hecka long blog. Life is grand! Thanks for reading!


Anisa said...

Sorry, you lost me after Friends!

Ron & Debbie said...

Libby, such a card!! Sewing can be one of the most satisfying things to do and one of the most frustating to do. Just like raising kids!
Aunt Deb

Sydney & Logan said...

WOW! I made it. Sorry your week has been so terrible!

hillmans said...

I can't believe I actually read that entire thing. Way to go Liberty! Good job on your sewing I am impressed. I am dissappointed however in your choice of veiwing friends. lol. I knew you would give in. Reading your blog sure brings back memories. Good ones of course. you crack me up. Have a great day!

Jessica Williams said...

This was a long post. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who likes to sew. Next thing you make should be a halloween costume for me. Your welcome on the quilt bytheway!

Alisha Green said...

Lib-good job girl for sticking with it, and not getting all girly and crying (though that's not always a bad thing). I think your doing a great job.

And your going to Hawaii??? Not fair! I guess I'll have to live vicariously through your travels ;)

Oh and the egg salad recipe looks good. I'll have to try it.

Lucashell said...

I really need to learn how to sew... I think I need to spend a weekend with debbie!