Monday, March 31, 2008

The Human Eye

As most of you know I am totally obsessed (if that be the word) about eye colors. I have finally came to terms that it is okay to date, like, eventually marry a person with brown eyes. I always wanted to marry someone (and maybe I still will???) with blue eyes just for the mere fact that our children will have blue eyes. That doesn't always happen, and even if you do marry someone with brown eyes you can still have children with blue eyes. That's a mouth full of useless information?!?! What I'm getting at here is that I am starting to like brown eyes, AND I think that brown eyes are actually pretty attractive after all! Now I have nothing else to be picky about in looking for a future husband!

Check out this website - a friend of mine sent it to me along time ago and I often go and mess around on it! Totally FUN!


Jessica Williams said...

I don't know, I still think that deep down inside you are still obsessed with Blue eyes. You seem to have a radar for people with blue eyes. Haha!

Sydney & Logan said...

I will admit that I prefer blue eyes, very hypocritical of me I know, but some people have very beautiful brown eyes (me for example), just kidding! A word of advice...if you marry someone with brown eyes, NEVER EVER EVER tell them you wish they had blue eyes. It doesn't sit well with them, I know for a fact. (Thank you Logan).

Anisa said...

Libby, have you ever taken a good look at Joren's eyes? They are BROWN, but they are the prettiest eyes I have ever seen! He has long eyelashes to boot! That's what makes it so hard to be mad at him when he's being an irrational two year old!!!

But, I do really want a blue eyed boy sometime.

Lucashell said...

Well Lucas & Legacy's eyes are blue! So Blue for me!

Ron & Debbie said...

Libby, I love your interesting posts!! As for eye color, I think they are all pretty.

Besides, it the personality and good character traits that will make you happy not eye color, shapes, or hair color in a partner you choose to live with.
Happy hunting, though!!

Anonymous said...

Libby, you've been a real inspiration to me and I'm starting a blog. It's not up yet, because all the rest of you are very computer savvy and I AM NOT, despite having all these computer nerds in my house and family. But thanks for showing me the way. I can't wait to read your blog about your summer. Do you have a laptop, that you'll take with you?

About the blue eyes....Uncle Terry and I both have dark eyes, mine being sort of a golden yellowish brown/hazel now, but dark brown as a little girl. I thought we would only have brown-eyed children. And we did, until Noah. He was born in Honolulu and for one day was the only haole baby in the nursery.

They brought the babies to the rooms in this double row bassinet that held a row of six across and next to it another row of six. He was born with LONG BLOND hair, unusual in blond babies. Most are with hair. So here comes this bassinet with all these island/Asian babies with LONG BLACK hair and brown skin. And then there was Noah with this long, blond hair, like a little islander baby or Asian or Hispanic baby. And he had dark eyes. But no matter how hard I looked at his eyes, I couldn't tell if they were blue or brown. By the time he was two months old, they were definitely blue/gray leaning towards blue with these streaks of white in them. There was my blue-eyed child.

Grandma Eastman has green eyes, and they are recessive to brown but dominant to blue (my understanding of genetics.) Grandpa Eastman's family was his father, blond and blue-eyed and his mother, small, dark complexion with dark brown, almost black hair, and dark brown eyes.

Just a little family history from the other side of your family. And good luck finding your blue-eyed hunk. Hope it happens for you.