Monday, October 25, 2010

What's Going on With Me?

What's going on with me? Nothing much. Nothing much AT ALL! Gee's, my life is so exciting that it comes to me trying to blog about it. Number one concern I have at this moment is my hair. I cut my hair at the beginning of the summer and then went a little shorter by mid summer. However, now that my funds are cut (get it, "cut" like I have to get my hair cut, and my budget is cut.................oh my...) due to being in school I'm having issues with my hair as it's a short/cute/fun cut, which means I need to stay up on it. But, as I always find a way to have money for food (going out with friends) I always seem to find money to get my hair cut. However, I will have to sacrifice the color. Such a sad life I lead...

You want to know what else is not going on in my life? School. I'm back in school. Yes, really! I know, I know, I should've been graduated a long time ago. And yes, my sister and everyone else on this planet will probably graduate before I do. I have heard all the jokes...I should have a PhD by now. Nope, just trying to get a stinking Bachelors Degree and having a HELL of a time trying to get the DANG thing. Well Libby, what's holding you from graduating? Well, since you ask, it's called Chemistry, and apparently I am lacking the chemical balance (no pun intended) in my brain to understand chemistry. I don't know if I am really lacking some chemical thing in my brain, I'm just saying. Can't really afford a trip to the doctor at this moment, and surely not going to ask him to check my brain for "why I can't pass chemistry." This is my fifth time in the first half of the full year of chemistry that I need to take to graduate. I thought for sure I had it last semester when I was taking my chemistry class for the fourth time. I was so close. My Professor told me all I needed to get on the final was a 33 to pass with a C, and guess what I got. 29. 29, really? Really. So, here I am another semester into the chemistry, and actually feel pretty good about it. I've been meeting with my very condescending, PhD carrying, no social skills Professor, who at least gives me a very tiny inkling of hope with the statement, "You're keeping your head above water this time around, so that's good." "Oh go to Hell!" is what I want to tell him. He could care less if I pass this class, at least that's I how I feel when I go in and meet with him. I'll tell you what, when the end of the semester comes and I pass this gosh awful class (BECAUSE I'M GOING TO PASS THIS TIME!) I will not run to him thanking him for his help! I will definitely be leaving an "end of the semester" evaluation on him - stupid professor. I just love how he thinks he is so great and marvelous because he has a PhD in chemistry, and me, his little peon student has nothing. (Side note - I'm not ragging on anyone who does have a PhD because I think that is SO AWESOME, and if I wasn't struggling so much to get my bachelors I would love to go on and get a PhD...SOMEDAY. Please don't misunderstand - people with PhD's are totally awesome in my book!) If he keeps treating all of his students like this he may not have any students to treat. Well, we are at 10 weeks with only 6 more to go. I am studying and spending all my free time in the tutoring center, so what else can I do? Pray - been there, done that. All I can say is that it's in the Lord's hands, and if he wants me to pass so that I CAN FINALLY MOVE ON IN MY LIFE, then he'll let me pass. IF (big IF) he wants me to stay here another round, then so be it. I'm not going to stop until I pass this class. Believe me, I am ready to pass this class and move on.

Speaking of moving on...let's move on to the next subject shall we? As you can tell I get really fired up about my chemistry, and that I'm still here in Cedar... New subject. Want to hear what happened recently? Well, the church did some changing of their whole "Singles Ward" stuff, and since I'm up there in age my Singles Ward got dissolved, so now I have been put into a "Family Ward." Really, you're going to throw that at me now...I can't seem to pass chemistry, so let's hit your romantic chemistry (that I struggle with, obviously, CAUSE I'M SINGLE) and put you into a family ward where you won't meet anyone single. Okay, so I was a little bummed about it at first, but now I think I'm starting to like it. I've been going to the family ward for two months now, and I just officially got me some new callings. I thought for sure a family ward would not have much need with me, but they have put me to work. I met with the Bishop last week and first thing he said, "I have two callings for you. The one is inspired, the other...well, not so inspired. You can refuse the not inspired one if you feel you don't want it, or have the time." Well shoot, just tell me already what these callings are? The inspired calling is that I am now (because they just sustained me) the Gospel Essential teacher. Crazy I know! SO CRAZY! Don't misunderstand me, I'm fine with teaching and being in front of people, but I'm scared poopless about teaching the gospel topics. This class is for all the new members, and all the members who are just coming back into activity after being less active or disfellowshipped. The Bishop then scares me by saying, "Are you going to be able to handle off topic questions, and lessons getting off subject." I confidently told him yes. I said that I will hope that the spirit is very much with me so that I can answer their questions, and KEEP US ON SUBJECT. I also said that I would tell the students that if I don't know an answer I'll try to find out and get back to them with the answer the following week. He was glad that I accepted the calling and has all confidence that I can do my job without fail. Well thanks Bish, I hope I can have the confidence you have??? Calling number two - uninspired. I'm also the Ward 30-45 Single Representative. GAG!!! Apparently a few weeks back when I attended the Relief Society Broadcast Dinner and Show I met this lady who is the Stake Single Leader. We chatted it up through dinner and she got my information so that she could inform me about up coming single events. Little did I know she apparently went after my Bishop, long story short I got roped into this calling. It won't be so bad. There is only about 4, maybe 5, single folk in my ward, including myself, who I have to try to round up twice a month for a monthly fireside, and family home evening. Shouldn't be that bad. I'm more worried about the Gospel Essential teaching. Yeah, I have taught primary and was Relief Society President (in a Singles Ward - which doesn't really count), but to teach the basic gospel principles - it's going to stretch me. Bring it on is what I say!!!

Lastly, I'm still working at the lovely little Testing Center on campus, and I am stunned daily at how stupid these college students are. My patience is tried each day, and I even threaten my boss that I'm going to quit, but she won't let me. (Besides, I can't quit - I need the money.) I do like the perks of giving ACT Tests on random weekends. Dang that money is good for just sitting on my butt for four hours watching teenage kids sweat through their test.

All and all I guess you can say my life is REALLY not that bad. There are more sad and unfortunate things going on with others that my piddlie little problems don't even make a drop in a bucket! I just have to keep telling myself I only have 3 more semesters, or a year and half then I will be graduated and on to the next destination. Hopefully my teaching jobs will take me far away on to a new adventure, struggles, wards, callings, boys, marriage, and whatever. The sky is the limit, and I have never enjoyed being single more than now. Seriously, I really mean that!!!


Lucashell said...

I feel like this is your semester. I totally think you will do good.

My hair is so freaking long right now and I am too cheap to pay $15.95 to get it cut. I have other things to buy.. One day soon.

I am going to post a baby bump pic soon especially since I am now almost 30 weeks.. I don't have too much longer left.. YAY...

Miss Jessie said...

You should be happy with your life. Come talk to my roommate and you'll be grateful for your life. She chooses not to do anything to change her situation and then complains about it to me for hours without even trying to change it.
You'll definitely pass Chemistry this year. I have faith in you!

Anisa said...

Okay, so first. I can do my best to help you with your Chemistry... I don't have a phD but I may remember a little bit. and most college professors could care less about their students.

2nd, when your hair cut grows out, just style it to look messy and no one will know... that's what I do.

3rd, what is your family ward? In Ivins, Kanarra, Cedar City? I think a RM should be able to handle gospel essentials.

4th, the testing center sounds about like my new job... and I loved administering the ACT.... I got paid to read... oh wait, I do that now too!

5th, do you want me to set you up with my divorced Brother in law? he's available... and his kids are really cute.

Sproatmeal said...

Yeah, most professors are arrogant. I'll come right out and say it. I try to be really nice to my students, but it can be tough because of the environment I'm in that reinforces arrogance. I guess every job has its temptations!

Well, everyone else is saying you're going to pass chemistry this semester. I'll just be antagonistic and say that you won't. We should have the goal to graduate at the same time, so you have about 4-5 more years. Does that sound good to you?

Yeah for your new callings! They both sound pretty fun. It'll be good preparation for when you get called to teach early-morning seminary.

Glad your life is good. Keep enjoying it!

Cutie Cakes by MinDee said...

you sound like libby! that's good. i'm happy for you with your new calling. nate and i used to have that calling & i LOVED it!!! you will too. you have a great attitude about it. those lessons are so good for us life long members who sometimes have forgotten the simplel truths that the gospel is all about. and YOU WILL PASS CHEMISTRY!!! keep saying that to yourself. and i'm happy for you to achieve your graduation, but i'm very sad when i think of you moving away and actually using your degree. i wish you could just find that handsome man and move in next to me and start having babies ;)

David and Chelsey said...

Libby! I don't know if you remember me, but I worked at R&k's forever ago. Anyways wanted to say hi and that i love reading your blog. Hope you're doing well.

The York's said...

Libby you will pass if you don't travel til your chemistry is over!! And you totally should go on a date with Anisa's brother in-law!!! Every date you can get live it up!! By the way that was a novel of a blog spend that much time with your chemistry and you'll do great!!! I want to come to the kanarra ward just to watch you teach a lesson!!! You'll do great in all you want to do you always do! Oh and one more thing you can't even tell that you need your hair colored. So you can save your money cause it still looks good!

Lib-Dawg...Woof, Woof!!! said...

Summer, you make me laugh - you're so sweet! Always have been, and always are!

Chelsey, I totally remember you! Those were good times at the bookstore - you can read my blog anytime!

MinDee, I would love to produce babies, but I'm not sure about living in Ivins - I'll come visit, you know that! And, I may seek your help for teaching my class since your are an "old pro" at teaching this class.

Libby Sr., I would love to have you or Ethan as a professor any day cause you are both down to earth people. And I'm going to pass chemistry (like I said on your blog I'M NOT GOING TO GRADUATE WITH MY BACHELORS WHY YOU ARE GRADUATING WITH A PHD!)

Anisa, I'm trying my best with my hair - I did try the messy look and I think it might work. As for a date with your brother in law...I guess I should take Summer's advice? And, I know you could totally help me with Chem. I'll let you know!

Jessie, I do like my life...just having one of those days? So, you aren't talking about Alison are you? Kidding - your one roommate is weird...I have no sympathy for her.

Shellie, Thanks for the confidence that I'm going to pass this semester...I have to, need to, and want to! And, I can't wait to see baby bump pictures - it's about time! :)

Philwebservices said...

keep on posting..

The Life of Michael said...

I would love to be the gospel principals teacher! That is my dream calling.