Monday, December 3, 2012

An Eventful Thanksgiving

Hanging with the Williams Family on Thanksgiving usually ends up producing an EVENTFUL Thanksgiving...

Event #1
My brother Cash choked on turkey - I saved his life.  At least that is what everyone kept saying.  The turkey was getting carved and my brother decided to sneak a few pieces.  He snatched some up and ran out the door.  He was out on the back porch sneaking some drinks along with his stolen turkey, and as he was chewing away the turkey got lodged in his throat.  He suddenly came in the house with his hands on his neck.  I stood there looking at him for a minute in disarray wondering what he was doing.  It then donned on me that he was seriously choking.  I ran up to him and put my arms around his stomach and started to do the heimlich on him.  I was in shock myself.  I am currently CPR certified, but nobody every wants to use their CPR certification.  As I was trying to figure out what I was doing and heaving him from behind all of a sudden the turkey became un-lodged, and Cash ended up throwing up pink soda and turkey all over the kitchen floor.  I of course let him have it after he got breathing again - what the H were you thinking?  CHEW YOUR FREAKING FOOD!  And then, of course, I texted his girlfriend to let her know that I just saved his life too.

Event #2
The family does an annual Williams white elephant gift exchange each Thanksgiving.  We have a bunch of perverts in our family - no joke.  Every year there seems to be some inappropriate gift found in the oodles of cheap, lame, sometimes cool gifts that are given.  This year the gift happened to be a "boob stress ball."  It was one of the first gifts picked.  And the poor soul who received this gift just happened to be sweet little Jenny. When she picked the small package, those giving the gift got a little bit uncomfortable...she took the small little bag, reached in and found a grocery bag with a small onion shaped thing in it.  We all of course though it was an onion.  Then we thought - how lame is an onion for a white elephant gift?  As she began to unroll the bag it became apparent it was NOT an onion, but that it was a very round boob.  Jenny's face shot beet red.  Not only that, but the innocent little children all around began to wonder why everyone else was laughing hysterically.  One of the kids thought it was a "belly button ball," so we left it at that.  Jenny sure was a good sport to accept the inappropriate gift this year.  I was the one last year who got the inappropriate gift, so I knew how she felt.  Her gift didn't last long because I snatched it up to give to one of my guy friends for a Christmas present.  It's probably not appropriate, but I don't care it will be funny!
Event #3
The final, most wonderful part of Thanksgiving this year was accomplished by going to the St. George temple.  I know - very extreme from event #2.  Almost two years ago my Dad's family lost our eldest cousin to a brain tumor.  Then a year later we lost our Uncle (his dad) to an unexpected death.  These members of our family were not members of the church, or had asked to have their names removed.  My Aunt was wonderful enough to get the work done on our cousin, and my Dad was able to take our cousins name through the temple for his own endowment.  We wanted to get all those who were able to go through the temple with my Dad when he took his name.  We did just that.  We were able to have one from each family in my Dad's family represented at the temple. (Mom, Dad, Me, Anisa, Ryan, Summer, and Klint.  And Jessie was happy to babysit for those with kids.)  It was a beautiful evening surrounded by family in the temple.  I look forward to the day we get to take our Uncles name through for his temple work.
I took this picture years ago as I was walking by.  One of my favorites!  
As always Thanksgiving was very eventful.  I'm so grateful to be surrounded by my family for all the good (and sometimes bad) times.

Yes this blog post contains a picture of a boob, and a temple.  This ought to make the search engines go crazy.