Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Made Pie for Thanksgiving - Imagine that!

Another Thanksgiving holiday come and gone.  Guess what I made for this festive feast?  PIE!  Imagine that...

Since I have been student teaching I have not had time to slave in the kitchen cooking and baking like I like.  The holiday was upon us and I had a very long (much needed) break.  Thus, I decided, why not make a BUTT LOAD OF PIES.  I was assigned to bring just a plain old pecan pie.  Pecan shmecan - blah.  I couldn't just make a pecan pie this year - that gets old after a while, and I needed to branch out this year.  So, that is just what I did.  (Side note - my Mommy tells me that my lot in life is to make pecan pies each Thanksgiving and Christmas and that I just need to get use to it.  Boo!)

I made 6 pies.  6 pies people!
Count that people - 6 pies!
ONE banana cream pie that was out this world, and will now be a staple at any Thanksgiving gathering I attend.  Move over pecan pie! (P.S. this was not a banana cream pie that consisted of Jello banana pudding.  Come on peeps - I do things from scratch!
Isn't she a doll!  She makes my pie look even more yummy!
ONE coconut cream pie (minus the yucky coconut flakes) that I made because of a request from my cousin.  It was okay, for me.  But, if you happen to be a coconut lover then this pie is for you. (Again, this was made from scratch and not the Jello pudding type.)

ONE chocolate cream pie (from Pioneer Woman) that I have made previous years.  But again, my cousin insisted I make this.

ONE gooey, rich, and very sweet pumpkin cheesecake.

TWO pecan pies for my Mommy who whined about only getting one.  I was a wonderful daughter and surprised her with a second pie on this day of thanksgiving.

All crusts were made from scratch.  I made a graham cracker crust for the cheesecake, a chocolate cookie crust for the chocolate cream pie, two awesome (new) shortbread crusts for my coconut and banana cream pie, and then of course my ever faithful cream cheese pie crusts for my pecan pies.

Don't let me forget, these pies were all dolloped off with a spoon full of REAL whipped cream...none of that fake Cool Whip stuff.

Many thanks go out to my dear Sister Jessie for being my assistant in the kitchen the night before thanksgiving.  I could not have accomplished this task without her!

The cousin Summer and I thoroughly enjoyed our pies!
My Daddio also enjoyed some pie...Pecan to be precise.
He sliced him a big o'l piece and ate it like a piece of pizza.  DAAAAAAAAD!
P.S. I also made two more banana cream pies for Young Women's this week for our activity.  Yep - I have a new calling in the Mormon Church - 2nd counselor.  Should be interesting...