Monday, November 12, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile {Part 2}

I am smiling from ear to ear with the fact that I only have...8 school days of student teaching left!  I know, I know?  You probably thought I would never get to this point of my student teaching.  Well, I didn't either!  Especially with the little incident that recently happened with student teaching.  I will not share my thoughts, or go into detail on here about it.  However, it was a very good learning experience for me.  I have learned from it, and moved on.  However, with all that was done I have a student who now hates my guts.  He despises me, and his despise for me pours off of him the moment he walks into class.  I don't care really, because with all that happened he owes me the apology!  I have tried not to let this get to me, but it is always in the back of my mind.  I know there will be people who won't, or don't like me.  I get that.  I really do!  Like everyone else in the world, I just want everyone to like me!  I mean really, who doesn't?  This kid is hardheaded and will not budge in his hatred towards me.  So, in the mean time, I have tried to just focus on all the good things that are going on around me as I student teach.

Here I go again with another post on all the things that are making me smile lately.

1.  I demand a lot of attention when I am in front of my classes teaching.  {Hence my hatred towards cell phones in the classroom.}  When I am up teaching I feel like I am constantly getting after the students to be quiet.  I always remind them that they are taking away from their time whether it be cooking, or work time.  {And if it's cooking...well they quite up quickly.}  It really cracks me up inside when I get stern with them because I imagine this is what parenting feels like....Okay, so I have one student who hates me, but for one student there are several who really do like me.  And even though I get after them and make them listen and do what they are supposed to be doing they still like me at the end of the school day.  One group in particular is this little posse of seniors who are constantly commenting on my clothes and are telling me that I am so "stylish."  Wow???  Really???  I am always in major shock because I always thought I was kind of a frumpy dresser.  {It's probably good I don't wear argyle anymore.}  I am always flattered for their remarks.  I also love the fact that these same "super seniors" have this tone they use when they call me for help.  "Miss WILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLiams!"  It is truly music to my ears when they call my name.  They are not doing it to be rude, they are truly sincere about it, and others have caught on to it.  This little group of seniors always put a huge smile on my face when I see them in class or in the hallway.

One more student teaching smiling moment.  Recently I went to the school play a couple of weekends ago.  The school production was, "Thoroughly Modern Millie."  I had a few of my students in the play.  One of these students in particular, who did a FANTASTIC job, found me after the play and was so happy that I would come watch.  She was so happy that she even gave me a hug!  I of course probably made it awkward since I am not really a hugger, but it touched my heart.  I know these may be silly little things for some, but to me they are huge, and they literally put a smile on my face.
Found this written on the board one day after class.  Cute!
2.  The bathroom.  Oh how I love the faculty bathroom where I am student teaching.  The first time I used it I was a little nervous.  Upon entering the stall I saw a short note pinned to the front of the stall stating something to the affect that a sense of humor was needed to use this stall...  I walked in, sat down, and beheld the most magical looking stall door I have ever seen.  The stall door is covered in MEN.  Good looking, Ryan Reynolds type men.  I forgot for a moment I was taking care of business...Suddenly I heard movement and someone walked into the bathroom.  I then got majorly embarrassed that I was using "the stall," and rushed out.  Not without washing my hands first!  Sheesh!  What kind of person do you think I am?  So, I take the longer walk to the faculty bathroom.  I sit back and stare at the men I will never get, but it takes me away from the classroom, and I am able to regroup.  I love this faculty bathroom with a stall full of attractive men.  Puts a gigantic smile on my face.
3.  There are a few things in my home that truly make me smile.  It's nice to know that I have this tiny little haven to come home to after a long day of being in the classroom.  One of these "few things" in my home is my awesome lamp.  I love this lamp.  I saw it at DI sitting for several days.  After seeing it for several days I knew it was meant to come home with me.  I paid $3.00 for this beauty, and have not regretted it.  It's my absolute favorite.  It puts a smile on my face each night when I come home after a long day.  Switching it on to light my tiny abode graces me with a peaceful smile.
4.  "Words with Friends" is a popular new game with Facebook and smart phones.  I have been playing this game for several months now.  I haven't had the time for it like I would like to have, but because of this obsession I have found that I really appreciate the old "Words with Friends" game, "Scramble."  I got my yard sale'n cousin Anisa to search out a Scrabble game for me because I wanted it for a little craft project I wanted to do.  She found me one for a dollar and I soon went to work.  I took all the little letters and glued magnets to the back of each letter and placed them one by one on my fridge.  I am in love even more with my fridge.  Each time I walk into my very small kitchen my face forms a smile because I have this fridge that is totally awesome now with the letters to the old school game Scrabble.  So, next time you are over hanging out at my place take a minute to spell some words out for me.  You know it will put a smile on my face.

5.  Babies.  Oh how I love chubby, God given, precious bundles of joy, known as babies. Babies!  Babies!  Babies!  I just want to eat them up, but kiss them all over before hand!  They're so chubby and cute!  Recently my cousin and his wife just had their first little baby.  I finally got to go meet him, and I wish I could've stayed longer just to hold him all day long!  He is the chubbiest, cutest little baby boy I have beheld in a very long time!  {And, boy oh boy, does he wear argyle well - melts my cold heart!}  As soon as I am done student teaching I will see if his Mama will let me come hold him all day long!  Best part of holding him - he bunched up on my shoulder/chest area and I was completely smitten!  Smile put upon my face!  Check!
Had to throw this picture into the mix because it's just so darn cute!  

6.  My visiting teachers, visiting teaching companion, and the sweet sisters we visiting teach!  If I ever left that Mormon church this would be something that I would still hold strong to - visiting teaching.  {And paying my tithing.}  Mainly because I just love to meet new people, and I LOVE TO TALK!  I may not be the best primary teacher, scripture reader, sacrament goer, temple attending gal, but I make sure that I get my visiting teaching done each month!  Erin (my sweet as can be companion) and I have a dear sister we teach who has quickly became my new best friend!  We'll call her Sarah - mainly because that is her name!  She is a absolutely fabulous!  We visited her up last month in October and after having a long, very enjoyable, don't want to leave visit, it was time to say good night.  It was way late, and for me, a school night.  Just as Erin and I were walking out the door she said she had a Halloween treat for us.  I was like, "WHAT?  If someone should be giving a treat it's us!  Hello!  We are the visiting teachers!!!"  {Side note:  I do not believe in giving treats of any sort to ladies we visiting teach.  Number one, I don't have time.  Number two, our message (if we get to it with how my mouth runs) and presence is much more important than a plate of cookies!  And number three, if you bring a treat they will expect one every time!} So, as we were walking out the door sweet Sarah presented us with two homemade Carmel apples.  Now I am not a fan of Carmel apples....but after the yummy one my new found friend gave me...well, I am suddenly a huge fan!  It was drenched in yummy - granny apple dipped in Carmel, dipped in white chocolate, and lastly dipped in cinnamon suga!  YUUUUUUUUUUMMY!  Smile was put upon my face for two things.  That my girl I visiting teach gave ME a treat, and that it was the perfect sweetness for my long week of student teaching.  Huge smile went across my face!
7.  Art work.  I love art work, especially art work that comes straight from the artist!  Back in the year 1998 I was completing my final year of high school.  Never to set foot into a high school ever again.  Say what!?!?!  During my high school days I had many dear friends.  Many, even to this day that I am still in close contact with.  One friend in particular was/is a beautiful artist.  She made the sterling scholar our senior year for art.  She then went on to attended BYU and graduated in a degree with fine arts.  I have two of her pieces, and I have always cherished her works of art.  I am proud to own two of them.  As of recently I found a huge old frame at the local DI.  I saw the potential this frame had, and cleaned it up, painted it, and found that it was the perfect fit for one of my art pieces Leah had painted many years ago.  I finally was going to get one of her paintings matted and framed!  Happy day!  I then went to a frame shop and had a custom mat put with the frame and picture - for a very small fee which was awesome!  To get the final phone call saying the mat/frame was ready to pick up was music to my ears.  I quickly picked the picture up after work and was ecstatic to see my painting finally mated and framed, and ready to be hung on the wall.  Now to get the picture on the wall?  Who cares, just having it framed and matted puts a major smile on my face!
Well, I think that is quite a bit of smiling for one day, week, or month since I haven't been the best blogger.  I blame my lack of blogging on student teaching.  Only eight more days, and I am a free woman.  Free from writing lesson plans every stinking night when I would rather be blogging, reading some silly romance novel, getting caught up on my shows - which I haven't seen "Glee" in like FOREVER.  What is this world coming to???  I can't wait to get back to eating - I seriously haven't been eating during my whole student teaching stint.  I just don't have time!  I also haven't cooked in months, and I miss standing over the stove making a beautiful edible creation.  Most of all I miss my social life.  Oh how I miss hanging out with people my own age.  Please come back to me social life.  I miss you dearly!  Although I wish for these things, my face is already cracking with a smile, because in eight more school days it will all come back.  Eight! More! Days!  With a smile on my face I can and will do this.  It will soon all be over, and will be but a distant memory.