Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Few Things That Have Made Me Smile

I've been a very "Negative Nancy" lately.  Clearly you would understand/know if you have been hanging with me in the last, oh say, couple of weeks, maybe a month or two...

But, remember how that is all changing up!  Well it has been changing because I have found a few things the last little while that have made me smile.

1.  Subzero Ice Cream.  Say what?  What the heck is Subzero Ice Cream.  It's this chain that just came to town, and for a while there I was eating their ice cream LIKE once a week.  LIKE seriously!  ONCE.  A.  WEEK.  It needed to stop because clearly I am not that rich, and number two I don't need any more weight to put on!  But it is SO good.  I can't even explain how good it is.  Yeah, yeah we get how good it is, but what is SO GOOD in comparison to other ice cream places?  Okay, so they like take this liquid cream and then they like mix in whatever your heart desires (butterscotch and Twix bars for me), then they like put it under this chemical called liquid nitrogen.  And then, within a few minutes it is like totally frozen!  Then you eat it, and the texture is like you are rubbing your tongue over silk.  Although that doesn't quite describe it - try rubbing your hand over silk.  It has a silk like texture, like do you get it now?  Anyway it's LIKE SOOO INCREDIBLY GOOD!  I finally got my mom to try it, and she was with a friend of mine and my friend was getting kind of werided out because of the noises my mom started to make when she was eating it.  This is just what my mom told me happened when her and my friend went and got their first Subzero Ice Cream.  Then I was like - MOM!  Are you for real?  Keep those noises to yourself, or at least the bedroom!  Come on now!  Gross!
Am I dribbling ice cream?  Sho nuff suga!
Can't get enough of this orgasmic silky cream!
2.  The song "Call Me Maybe."  I know right, this song is SO overplayed!  Yes, yes it is.  But, this song reminds me of my summer working on Grounds Dept., and the two lovely YOUNG girls I got to work with. (I just love how hearing certain songs can take you back to such good memories.)  As I spend way to much time perusing the internet I stumbled upon this YouTube video doing a rendition of this song.  Now I love this song even more, and have only listened to this new rendition like 10 times already - obsessed, yes!!!  And maybe you will be too!  How can you not?  If you don't like it then here's my me maybe...Uh lame I know, but I couldn't resist!

3.  Pinterest!  I know, I know.  But seriously - I can't get enough of this website.  This website was made for me!  The people creating it were like sitting there one day just thinking of me.  And thought, I really think Libby would utilize and share testimonies of this website, so let's create it.  Do you seriously believe that?  Sho Nuff Suga!  Pinterest puts a smile on my face each day that I get on there and scroll through all my followers.  I also love how HELPFUL it has been in student teaching.  I have used so many things from all my boards and I'm not even a bonafide teacher yet!  By the way are you following me on there?  You should because I pin some of the coolest stuff EVER!  Eva, eva!
Follow Me on Pinterest
4.  A purple large pie plate!  I finally broke down and bought me a nice pie plate.  Yes I own several pie plates, but they are ugly.  Butt ugly!  I love making pies and it's about that time of year where I start popping out pecan pies like I'm some sort of pecan pie factory worker.  I really have to gear up for this season people!  So, I was hanging out with some of my married friends (Alisha and MinDee) last Friday night.  (Which was a blast like always, and much needed because of my attitude!)  We seem to always gravitate towards TJ Max when out on the town.  The minute I made it back to the home goods section a light cast down from the ceiling above and this purple large pie plate shined in my direction.  I figured it would probably be out of my price range, since I can't bring myself to even pay around $14.00 for a Paula Deen pie plate.  But, I picked up the purple large pie plate and saw the small price of $9.99, and would you believe it but my heart skipped a beat.  $9.99 ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!  I bought it, and am so proud of it!  Now I can't wait to start making pecan pies!
Won't pecan pie look beautiful in this?
5.  The Killers just came out (Sept. 18th) with a new CD.  Hello this totally makes me smile!  I know my cuz, Libby Sr. would TOTALLY agree with me on this.  Not only did The Killers release a CD, but another band, Imagine Dragons released a CD too!  I was introduced to them at the beginning of the year by a co-worker of mine who actually served his mission with the drummer.  (And his brother knows another guys dad from the band - the guy in the bands dad is his stake president.  Did that all make sense?  Oh well if it doesn't.)  How cool is that!  This kind of new group Imagine Dragons are so totally cool in my book, and have became very popular in the last couple of months.  I guess you could say that just music in general does such wonders for me and really puts me in a good mood, or puts a smile on my face.  (Oh and one last tid bit about music making me smile.  I try to be kind of spiritual on Sunday's and only listen to churchy musak.  I have this great love for Pandora, and they have this great station called "LDS Hymns of Worship."  They play hymns that are not sung by your typical MoTab - there is nothing wrong with that I just like more modern twists to the old hymns.)

I know these are the most random things that make me smile, but it makes me smile and that is what should matter.