Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sho Nuff Suga! Nobody Likes a Whiner!

I'm a whiner...I'm a really bad whiner.

This needs to change.  And fast!

I wear on peoples nerves when I whine - who doesn't?  At this time I am seriously wearing on several I dare say "this time" because it's been for a while now?  (Sorry all who have had to put up with me!)

Student teaching is making me whine...don't blame student teaching Libby!  YOU whined before that even started.

Once again...things are going to change around here, and they are going to change fast!





Sho Nuff Suga - Starting now I will have a "no whining" outlook on life, and I'm not going to wait for people to tell me to put my big girl pants on and to SHUT-IT-UP!

Sho Nuff Suga - Libby is going to find all the great things she DOES love about student teaching (and life) and will focus on those "great things."

Sho Nuff Suga - She (Me) will carry an attitude of gratitude and be grateful that she is where she is today, and not look back on the past.  Learn from the past and MOVE ON!

Sho Nuff Suga - I will accept the changes that have been given to me.  Change is for the better, and with my experience it is always a better choice in the end.

Sho Nuff Suga things in life like attitude, outlook, and WHINING are going to change.  Because nobody likes a whiner, and I don't want to be a whiner anymore!