Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dear Hollywood, Thank You For Making Some Good Movies!

Dearest Hollywood,

I want to thank you for the recent stream of movies you have been producing.  I just spent the majority of my spring break watching movies (THROUGH NETFLIX, OF COURSE).  I happened to time my Netflix just right, and was able to send out movies and get movies practically back to back.  Oh yeah, I totally have the system down for Netflix.  But Hollywood, I'm not here to testify and praise Netflix, I'm here to praise you on your array of great movies recently.  Where do I begin?  I don't really get out often to see movies in the theater because I am usually disturbed by obnoxious kids and adults.  However, my friend Lisa and I ventured out one lonely Friday night, at the spur of the moment, to go see the recent Adam Sandler movie, "Just Go With It."  Once upon a time I was a major Adam Sandler fan, (was a teen in high school and Adam was totally COOL!) I even wanted to have his babies!  I know, crazy?!?!?  So Lisa and I went and saw "Just Go With It" and yes, I was a little hesitant because the last Adam Sandler movie that I saw, "Grownups" was so LAME to me.  Such a waste of time.  But, I tried not to judge, and we went and saw.  Oh MY GOSH how good was this movie, SO GOOD!  I haven't laughed so hard in a movie in a really, really, really long time!  Of course there was one of those scenes that are in all of Adams movies where you are like, "really - does a human have to do something perverted to an animal?"  Okay, so I looked passed that scene and loved the rest of the movie.  Jennifer Aniston plays the luv interest, and because I am a fan of her I thought that she did a great job too.  My recommendation - if you need a good laugh, rent this movie, or heck, if it's still in the theater go see it.  Another side note, the little girl in the movie = DARLING!

Oh yes, back to you Hollywood.  You have also produced some great award winning movies that I actually agree on winning Oscars this year.  "The Social Network."  I know the majority of people out there use that social network called Facebook.  Well, you need to rent this movie and see where it all started!  My bro, whom I live with, hates Facebook.  I have to agree with him sometimes, but I got him to watch this movie with me, and he still hates Facebook.  However, he thought it was a pretty interesting story, and was amazed, like myself, about this Harvard college drop out who is now the youngest billionaire.  What the!?!  If I were to be a college drop out - well that would just be plain sad.  Very interesting story - totally recommend.  Another award winning movie you produced Hollywood was "The Fighter."  I love fighting movies like "Rocky" (only 1-5 though).  I figured I would like this one as well.  If you can look past the extensive "F" word out of Amy Adams mouth it's not that bad of a movie.  Mark Walhberg is now my favorite hottie to walk the red carpet.  YUMMY!!!  Christian Bale, and Melissa Leo also won Oscars for their roles in this movie, and were well deserved, in my opinion.  Melissa Leo, whom I have never heard of was also in another movie I took the time to watch called "Conviction" which is also a true story, and very inspiring.  However, both these movies were a little long for my attention span, but I stayed with them and was pleased with the happy endings in both.  Hollywood, I love when you make movies with happy endings - even true stories that end happily.

Okay, let's get back to more of those cheesy, romantic comedies.  That is where my heart lies.  During this week long movie watching I also viewed, "Going the Distance" - eh, "It's Kind of a Funny Story" - ohhhh, "The Switch" - yes and no, "Morning Glory" - another ohhhh, "Life As We Know It" - loved it, might have to buy it, "You Again" - cute, but once was a enough, and "How Do You Know" - boring, but liked the story line.  "It's Kind of a Funny Story" was not really funny.  It is about a young man who checks himself into a mental hospital for a week.  A lot happens in one week, he realizes life is going to be hard and suicide is not the answer.  There is a great rendition of the song "Under Pressure" sung by the cast - totally awesome!  "The Switch" was kind of slow, but I liked the story line.  And, I'm 100% in love with Jason Bateman!  Gosh, he is so dreamy to me.  I have to say that "The Switch" was a lot more tasteful and better than that STUPID Jennifer Lopez movie, "Back-Up Plan" - DUMB, with a capital D! "Morning Glory" was just a great feel good movie!  There was a little bit of romance, but the story was more about a young woman who loved her job and loved what she was doing.  It was kind of inspiring to me, and of course I teared up.  The movie "Life as We Know It" was probably my most favorite movie that I have seen in a long time.  I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more, and you know it, I cried some more!  The two main characters are set up on a blind date several years back by their two best friends.  The blind date was horrible, yet they still keep popping up in each others lives because of their best friends.  The friends are married, have a baby, then die in a car crash leaving their two friends they set up on a blind date (that didn't work out) as guardians to their little girl.  This movie reminded me a lot of the movie "Raising Helen" which is a movie I also love.  However, the story is a little different, and of course the main male character Josh Duhamel is so nice to look at!

Well Hollywood, I now have to get back to reality and can't spend all my time watching movies back to back.  But I do appreciate a lot of your recent movies, and ask that you keep producing so that people like me, who are obsessed with Netflix and movies, can continue fulfilling my life with these solid films.  I look forward to the next "up and coming" new releases to hit the big screen.  Until then, keep up the good work of making movies that I love and will even rent more than once on Netflix.

All my motion picture cinema love,


Miss Jessie said...

You are such a dork with a capital D! I loved "It's Kind of a Funny Story" and "Life as we know it" they were both great movies. I still need to see "Morning Glory" and hopefully I will see it soon.
I can't believe you watched that many movies over Spring Break, I don't think that I even watched a movie all the way through except for when I watched "The Switch" with you on Sunday. Seriously Libby there is more to life than movies, and this is coming from the girl who saw the first Pirates movie six times in the theatre.

Lucashell said...

K so some of the movies I have seen...

Love Loved Loved MEGAMIND, not a cartoon lover but it was awesome. So is Tangled Loved that one it comes out you should see way cute..

Just went and saw Red Riding Hood, really liked it.. Going to see Lincoln Lawyer and Beastly in the next few weeks can let you know how they are.. Plus can't wait for SCREAM 4 I know I know welcome to the 90's..

Liked: Social Network, you again, and morning glory, life as we know it however life as we know it made me cry, more sad than happy I think.

Liked: Love and other drugs loved the story line in this movie..


Want to see The Fighter and 127 Hours.. But its always gone here.

Lucashell said...

Also LOVE LOVE LOVE Netflix I am getting it again.. Can't believe I went this long without it..

Anisa said...

Ummm, I haven't watched that many movies in my life!

I am intrigued by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston... I may be convinced to watch that one.

Berty Bell said...

Okay I just want to make clear that I only watched 6 of those 9 movies during spring break...and I don't have TV anymore since they clipped us the first of the year.

Also, these are all movies that I liked and will recommend but if you don't like the movie please don't take it out on me. These were my favorites, and everyone is entitled to their own opinons.

Shellie, You are the first person I have heard anything good about Red Riding Hood. As for the cartoons, the last one I have ever watched was UP and loved that, but I just have a hard time watching cartoons - I need to get some kids??? I also want to see "Beastly" and "127 Hours" I've actually been waiting for "Beastly" for quite sometime. And yes I can't believe you have gone this long with out netflix. I've been wishy washy about "Love and Other Drugs," and for your review on "Due Date" I will take your word. :)

MinDee said...


Miss Jessie said...

I have to agree with MinDee where are your pictures from Vegas and I posted about the 10K so you don't really have to blog about that.