Sunday, March 27, 2011

Busy Spring Break

MinDee got to see her favorite TV show "Pawn Stars"
Welcome to Vegas Baby!
Eating lots - especially desserts, yum!
What Happens in Vegas - stays in Vegas!  Wish I could say that over spring break staying the night in Vegas led to some crazy happenings.  I can't.  But, I had a great time even though I didn't meet a man.  Me, and some of my married friends had been planning for a while to have a little weekend getaway.  At the last minute one of my gals had to cancel since family was coming into town from out of state.  That left me and MinDawg to party it up on our own.  Holy cow, did we party it up!  Friday afternoon, as soon as I was done working, I high tailed it to Ivins to pick MinDee up.  Because if I wasn't there by 4:00pm on the dot she was going to start walking.  Part of me wanted to be a little late so I could see her out on the road rolling her overnight bag.  No such luck, I was, believe it or not, ON TIME!  (She was outside sitting with her luggage though - so funny!)  We got situated and hit the open road for the City that Never Sleeps.  Just after 5:00pm Vegas time we came rolling into town.  First order of business - check into our hotel digs, The Las Vegas Hilton.  Oh yeah, we are serious classy gals and only live it up at the finest in town!  We checked in, and then were off to shopping.  It's Vegas, we're Mormon, I mean come on, what else do we have to do?  We shopped until the stores closed and then saved the best for last, eating.  We made our way to the finest eating establishment I know of in Vegas - Cheesecake Factory.  It's a total must eat when hitting the Vegas turf.  Okay, okay, so it's a must eat for me anytime I see a Cheesecake Factory.  I have to tell you the food was, as always - AMAZING.  (If you haven't, you need to try their banana cream cheesecake and Dulce De leche cheesecake.)  However, the atmosphere was hurtful to my eyes.  Soon after being seated a couple of gals out on the town showed up, and were seated right in my viewing area. (I would have taken a picture but it would've been totally obvious - sorry!)  This gal, was dressed to kill.  Way to big for her dress, she was hanging out in places I did not want to see!  I thought for sure if she made one wrong turn I was going to see her nipples.  Like you want to read that word, nipples.  Seriously though, don't people check the mirror before leaving the house.  This girl had the biggest REAL boobies I have ever seen!  I did enjoy watching the cute waiter try to look past her "lack of clothes" appearance, and the occasional nonchalant head turn from MinDee, she had to get in on this "sight for sore eyes."  After dinner - close to midnight, our tired old bodies couldn't handle the Vegas night life so we headed back to our hotel.  Off to bed, Saturday was going to be a busy day!

That morning after a not very long "sleep in" we were up and getting ready.  We headed out to do more shopping and eating.  I know, we like to live it up in Vegas!  We found a new shopping center south of the strip and decided to check it out.  What we found was the cutest little shops, parks, and restaurants.  First order of business - eating!  We ate at this cozy Italian bistro.  Had a great meal, and ended the meal with a fabulous array of desserts.  After our lunch we looked around some and then it was off to our show, The Lion King.  MinDee had gotten cheap tickets from a mutual friend of ours and was so excited to go see it.  I was okay with seeing it, but I ended up loving it and almost teared up a few times.  It was pretty amazing to watch, and I totally recommend anyone to go see it.  After the show it was off to a little bit more shopping and eating...eating at Ruby Tuesday.  I know, really?  Yes really!  It was a free meal and you know I don't complain about those. ;)

Vegas was a fun little get away just down the road from us here in Utah.  I hope we can make this a tradition of a "girls weekend" once a year!  The fun didn't last long enough because once the weekend was over it was back to reality.  I had a 10k race we had signed up for.  What were we thinking.  Ha!  Jessie, and I have actually been hitting the gym pretty faithfully since January (a New Years resolution).  Jessie has been doing an awesome job.  We decided that if we were going to be going to the gym weekly then we should set another goal that would have us work towards something, so we signed up for the Spectrum 10k.  MinDee and I had done it once before a few years back, so I got MinDee to sign up with us too.  Saturday morning arrived, and we ran the beautiful scenic Snow Canyon Park.  It ended at the church down the street from my parents.  I improved my time this year, and it even inspired me to get back into these little races.  Not sure if I will do the big stuff like a half marathon, but I sure do like these 5 and 10k's.  If you want to read more Jessie has posted on her blog, here


Anonymous said...

Wow, you did a race after all that yummy Vegas dining?! I'm impressed!

Once I made a reservation to stay with friends at a youth hostel in Vegas. WORST PLACE EVER. It was seriously for homeless people, so we took one step in and one step back out.

LOVE Cheesecake Factory! I had never tried it until we moved to Indiana. I agree that the Dulce de Leche cheesecake is super yummy. I also like pumpkin and red velvet. Oh, yeah, and the regular food is pretty good, too!

Can you believe I've never gone shopping in Vegas? I want to be included in your next girls' weekend in Vegas. It sounds so fun! I would just need to be in Utah....

Shellie said...

Looks like you had tons of fun... I always wanted to do the spectrum 10k.. It looks like alot of fun..

The York's said...

Libby!!! boobies is as bad as nipples!!! Love the Cheesecake Factory! Looks like you had a good time! I want to run a race someday!!!

MinDee said...

Libby! I'm still laughing here!! :) Oh, Vegas nipple girl. How I wish we had a picture to show! Or maybe not, why would we want to pass that view on for others to see? By the way, my net nanny wasn't going to let me on to your blog for "adult/mature" content. I was a bit nervous coming here wondering what you had posted!! I guess it was because of the boobie girl. I was so sick of food after Vegas. It didn't last too long though. Darn! I wish you could run this 5k with me on April 9th. We've got to do Vegas again next year or wherever-let's travel!

Miss Jessie said...

I'm jealous that you went and saw "The Lion King" before me. That is something that I would have been excited to do.
Libby Sr. if you're ever this way we will have to take a girls' weekend!