Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I May Never Graduate College, But I've Had Experience!

Each day, like clock work, I log on to MSN to read the latest news and pop culture.  (And can I just say, I am so DAMN (pardon my french) SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT CHARLIE SHEEN - WHO CARES!)  Yikes, so the other day I came across an article, "4 Jobs Everyone Should Have."  MSN always has great articles that are set up as lists, and I love reading lists.  So, I thought I should read this article/list and see if I actually have worked the 4 jobs.  Sure enough - I have.  I may never graduate college, but at least I can say I have had a lot of job experiences.

A couple years back I met a man who lived in the retirement community where I worked, as a receptionist.  He was a retired school teacher and principal.  I told him my story and goals in life.  At the time I was at the beginning of my journey with school, and going into teaching.  I told him my past, and the many "life experiences" I have had.  You know what he said to me.  "GOOD!"  "I am loving that you have had all these different jobs and experiences because they will make you a better teacher in the long run."  As he was a retired principal of a high school, he did much of the hiring.  He continued on to tell me that when he would look through resumes of college graduates, soon to be teachers, he was always drawn towards the graduates who had the many experiences.  I'm not saying that having a lot of jobs/experiences makes everything all better, but it helps to give the future teacher more of a well rounded appeal, in MY OPINON.  Yes, my resume, when I write it all up has job, after job, after job.  That can't be good?  However, it's not like I'm 21 years old with ten jobs under my belt - I'm 30 with ten jobs under my belt.  And each job I have had is a job that I can still list, and still give out contact information when applying.  Yes even my Princess Tours job! I also feel that there are people out there who have worked for the same company/business for year, after year, after year.  That also is very appealing, and I believe looks really good on a resume.  

What are the 4 jobs that everyone should have?  Server, Retail Clerk, Customer Service, and Manual Labor.  Yes, I have had all four of those jobs.  Have I liked all four of those jobs - yes and no.  In all my jobs, except for the manual labor job, I have had back to back customer service.  I think that is why my current job, working as a flower girl - doing manual labor is because I just got tired of customer service.  I somehow love the interaction with customers of all sorts, but once I get back into it I always end up saying, "Why did I take this job?"  With having these 4 jobs I have learned a great deal from each one.

Let's start with being a Server.  When I was a server it was a mishmash of a few jobs.  Mainly I was a Tour Guide, but I also did Bar-tending, and Serving.  I'm so grateful for that job in so many ways.  When I go to restaurant I have great respect for my servers, cooks, hosts, etc.  Even if the service is terrible I cannot walk away without leaving something behind.  Having the opportunity to work as a "server" gives me compassion today whenever I go out to eat.  Yes, I would take the job of a server, bar-tender, tour guide in a heartbeat.  Some of my fondest memories are serving food and drinks to people.  I say bring it on - I would love to work as a server again!

Being a Retail Clerk is always a fun job to have.  I say, do retail in something you enjoy.  My favorite retail job was working at R&K Bookstore after my mission.  I loved books, loved talking to people about books, and loved the girls I worked with.  (That's always a plus!)  Yes, I had to deal with customer service, but 90% of the time the customer service at that store wasn't bad.  The bosses wife was more of a pain then any of the customers that came in!  

Customer service, I stepped into customer service right at the ripe old age of 16.  My very first job (besides babysitting the neighborhood kiddos) was at the local grocery store working the video counter.  How cool I thought I was at 16 - best job ever!  I felt like I had to be up on every movie possible...maybe that is why I have such a love for Netflix today???  However, what an eye opening experience to the customer service world I received.  Gosh people can be the biggest BEEPS!  But, people can also be as sweet as pie!  I met some wonderful people.  Like mentioned earlier, every time I work in customer service I say that I will never ever go back, but I just love people and it keeps drawing me back.

Lastly, manual labor.  I'm really digging this manual labor stuff.  No pun intended.  The last two summers I have worked for SUU Grounds Department.  What a breath of fresh air - again, no pun intended!  I love being outside, wrapped in my bib overalls, dirt all over me, screaming when a worm pops it head up to say hello, and seeing the beauty of all my hard work when the flower beds come alive!  Another added bonus - no customer service, and I get to listen to books on my iPod.  Life is grand - two more months and another summer awaits me.

Libby's 10 Jobs - but remember I'm 30!
1.  Video Clerk - Lin's Marketplace
2.  Cashier - Lin's Marketplace
3.  Bank Teller - Alaska USA Credit Union
4.  Missionary - Ohio Cincinnati Mission (Not sure if this counts as a job...Felt like a job as I was working like a social worker - never want to be a social worker - props to those who want to be though.)
5.  Book Saleswoman - R&K Bookstore
6.  Receptionist - SunRiver Development
7.  Clerk - Bath and Body Works
8.  Tour Guide, Server, Bartender - Princess Tours
9.  Testing Assistant - SUU Testing Center
(9.5 - Gift Wrapper - Christensen's Department Store)
10.  Flower Girl - SUU Grounds

I'm feeling pretty well rounded.  I've done it all.  Okay, so I haven't done it all.  Look out world, I've got more jobs to add to my list.  I'll try teaching, but I'm already thinking of other jobs, careers, and experiences I would like to have.  I guess when you fail chemistry semester after semester after semester you start thinking of lot's of other career/job paths you want to take.  Like being a flight attendant...that's where I should go!  We all know I can handle standby flying...

Well world I'm excited to see what's in store for me next, graduating, or not!


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MinDee said...

Ya sound pretty well rounded girl! Hang in there, there are more great experiences heading you way!

Miss Jessie said...

I didn't realize that you've had so many jobs, but didn't you forget to mention that you had a second job at Sun River? I think that I am up to five jobs, two of which I have had for several years and still have, I really don't think that I will leave the chocolate factory :(
I think that you would make an awesome flight attendant, you would be one of those that would chat with everyone. How come I'm the only one in our family that is not a chatterbox?

Berty Bell said...

Hey Jessie, I forgot to mention my latest Christmas job working at Christensen's wrapping gifts. How could I forget - that was a pretty fun job!!!! Totally a job full of customer service!!!! :)

Anisa said...

Impressive... I should try to make a list... mine isn't quite as long... I don't think. I'm thinking I should get a degree so I could teach home ec... that would be a fun job!

Berty Bell said...

Anisa, with your love for chemistry you would probably become a home ec teacher before me!!!! Go for it...although I think there is more need for chemistry teachers then home ec teachers.

Shellie said...

I think a flight attendant would be so fun.. I would just like the fact that I got to go somewhere I haven't been all the time. Do you think they get to fly for free?

Anonymous said...

Please become a flight attendant and let me come with you on trips (a buddy pass for a great buddy?). We could have some amazing adventures! :) I am up for anything!


Miss Jessie said...

I agree with Camaree, then we could go to more places for much cheeper. We could finally go to Europe...just a thought.

Sproatmeal said...

Ethan and I have received revelation for you ; ): you belong in Hospitality Management. Flight attendant would be great, but anything related to that industry is a perfect fit for you. If you want a degree in it, that is definitely available. At UVU, not sure about SUU. Anyway, the dilemma: deal with annoying teenagers or annoying tourists? I think I'd go for the annoying tourists, but it's still not the best options!

I totally agree with that article. Everyone really needs to have experience in certain jobs so they won't be litter bugs who complain all the time and treat people like peons. You will be the best employee ever, in whatever you do, because you know what it's like to be in the crappy, no respect jobs, too.

The York's said...

I wish I could say I've had a lot of experience for when I go back to work while the kiddos are in school. I think back now and wish i had just went to hair school. Would have saved a lot of money, time, stress and would have made money instead of going to school for five years and leaving with nothing:( I think you should be a chef, you love to cook and your good at it. Own your own home cooked meal restuarant, and you could me like the cracker barrel and sell all your homemade things you make!! Just a thought for you

The York's said...

HAHAHAHAH sorry my internet is slower than a turtle and I probably clicked it a few to many times!!!

Ams said...

So I just spent like an hour reading yours and Lisa's blogs. You both seriously inspire me so much and I miss you more than anything. I'm having a rough time right now and it is apparent that you both just really love living life and that is incredibly inspiring. I just hope that it is contagious:)

Thayne and Jenny said...

You know what Libby?! You are really smart. I have never thought once that the only way to make a place in this world or the only way to be a "success" is to graduate and have a degree. There is SO much you can do without a degree! Like even own your own business! It really does only boil down to the experiences you have and what you do with them. Most jobs first ask you "what's your expereience?". Tell me, how you are supposed to have so many great opprotunities and gain the experiences YOU have had if you spend year after year in a class room!? Before anyone jumps all over me with this opinion - I am not saying a degree is a BAD thing. Not at all. If there is something you want to learn or something you really want and school/degree is ONE of the ways you want to reach that goal... GO FOR IT! But no, I do not believe it is the only way to get a good job and be "successful" :). Sorry, I ramble. This was an interesting post. I liked it. Thanks!

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I didn't realize that you've had so many jobs.


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