Monday, December 28, 2009

Food + Family = Christmas

Christmas was wonderful at the Williams' household. I do have to say this, I do not want to eat another piece of food. Yeah right, tomorrow I'll be hungry. Seriously though, you get with my family and it involves food. Lots and lots of food. Christmas Eve was spent eating a wonderful meal with a very tasty dessert, surrounded by great company, watching old home videos, and playing games. Can't ask for a better Christmas.
Watching those old family videos...Gads!
Playing with the kiddies...Trace and Peyton, so cute, so cute, so cute!
Aunt Rose and Uncle Michael
My Girls! Summer and Jessie, all festive!
Eating our wonderful Christmas Eve meal! Save room for dessert!
My Chocolate Pie that is DIVINE (a Pioneer Women dessert)!!! Oh my gosh - it's heaven!
My Mom's dessert that she made, and is now a new hit - apple carmel cake from the one and only Paula Deen. Another piece of heaven I tell ya!

After Christmas Eve festivities it was off to bed to wait for Santa to arrive. Spoiler Alert! Apparently my mom has been playing Santa all these years... As I was finishing up cleaning and going to say goodnight I saw my mom filling our stockings full of randomness and goodies. I couldn't believe it! I said, "Mom, what are you doing!" Her response, "Libby, go to bed! I couldn't wait any longer, I'm tired and so you caught me." So it was, the story of Santa Clause is just a story. At least I didn't get her typical response, "Libby, you kids (meaning my siblings) are getting to old for Christmas gifts and should have your own families that you should be playing Santa Clause for them." Thanks mom for not saying that - I know.
Anyhow, Christmas day came with, you guessed it, more food! After a nice nights rest we woke to a tree full of gifts. Santa (Mom and Dad) sure did provide. I got my Magic Bullet finally!!! I also got the Pioneer Women cookbook, which is AWESOME! Kitchen stuff as usually, a Brita water filter - which has made my testimony grow - it's a beautiful thing, and a Cannon copier/printer/scanner. Didn't see that coming - thanks Santa!!! I guess I must have been a somewhat good girl this year? What can I say, I try! ;)

Christmas was wonderful, most importantly it was surrounded by family, and that, I will have to say, is probably my favorite Christmas gift I received. Now it's time for the New Year, spending more time with family, and of course more good food to come!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! The food is one of my favorite aspects of Christmas. Maybe THE favorite...leftovers will be gone by the end of today. Too bad, but I'm glad they've lasted this long!

See you soon!

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

So nice to see all your faces! I sure miss you all. {hugs}

Logan and Sydney said...

You know...I would get very mad if everytime my family had a get-together somebody said, "Bring some of Debbie's beans." Have a little compassion on poor Summer:)

Liberty Williams said...

Just so you know...on the beans - I made them! Can you believe it? I did okay - needs some work.

Lucashell said...

Yummy, yummy yummy your pie looked so good. I love that photo of "THE HOODWINKS", looks great..

Lisa said...

Thanks alot for spoiling the "Santa" thing. I had no idea that it was my Mom all this time. You just ruined all christmas's from now on for me. :)

Anisa said...

Seriously, baked beans are a summer dish... not a Christmas eve dinner.

Looks like fun.

I sell the Magic Bullet. I hope you like it!