Friday, December 18, 2009

Finally! I saw New Moon - it's about time, I know!

I got a group of friends together, some old, some new, and went to finally see New Moon at the Zion's IMAX in Springdale. Totally worth the drive out there. However, I was kind of bored with the movie, not sure it if was because I had to use the bathroom through basically the whole movie, dang collectors cup I had to buy??? I will have to say I am neither a Jacob or Edward fan, I am a Mike Newton fan. He is just adorable, and funny, I laughed through his whole scene! I did get really excited when Jacob finally took off his shirt, and I got really sick when Edward took off his shirt - I mean really, they couldn't make him buff up, shave his chest, and do something about his odd looking nipple? Hmmm... With all that said, I will probably go see it again before it leaves the theater either in the $2.00 movies, or a matinee. Also, for the record I still am an Edward fan, but he just needs to keep his shirt on. Nobody wants to see that deformed titty!
Me, Malynda, Celeste, Lisa, Alicia, Kelli, Jessie, and Erika. All Excited to see New Moon for the first time...except for the three girls that have already seen it (Malynda, Kelli, and Jessie). Which reminds me, Jessie - you need to be considerate to those of us who hadn't seen the know what I'm talking about.
My friends, Lisa, and Alicia. Lisa and Alicia went to hair school long ago - and Lisa and I just became friends...small world!
Kelli, Jessie, and Erika.
Chugging my rootbeer...dang stuff, made my movie experience unpleasant. That cup is a keeper though, it's plastic and all!!!
The empty IMAX theater, we basically had it all to ourselves. SWEET YO!


Lisa said...

Oh Libby! You make me laugh!

The Gisle's said...

I LOVE that you noticed that freaked out nipple too!!! I kept thinking to myself...what the crap? Couldn't they make-up that up?? Hahahahahahaha! Love it. Edward (err..RobPat) is nasty.

Jessie said...

Yeah, sorry about the giggling, but when you've seen it a few times you'll find more to make fun of, like Bella's eye twitching, and how Jacob's voice squeaks sometimes. I'm sorry if I ruined the experience for anyone. Oh and I totally agree that Edward should leave his shirt on, now Jacob looks better without a shirt on ;-D

Anisa said...

I agree... I am a Mike fan... what's wrong with humans? and edward is gross.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the porn!