Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why Can't My Life Just Calm Down???

Here's to another weekend of fun filled good times! My word, I would love to just sit and not do anything for some Saturday and Sunday! I just keep counting down the days until Christmas break where I will be three weeks of no school, and no work. Not really looking forward to the no work, but what do you do?

This last weekend a dear friend of mine, Edmond, came up from San Diego and spent two days with me. He was driving through Utah to get to a ski resort in Colorado that he will be working for, for the next six months. He had never seen the parks here in Southern Utah, so I showed him what I could with the time I had.
Sunday when he arrived I sent him to the St. George Temple Visitors Center and then I met up with him and had him follow me home. We got to my place and headed off to Kolob to see the "Five Fingers." He thought it was magnificent! We couldn't do any hikes, to which I know he was bummed about, but we saved our energy for the next day. After Kolob we came back and I cooked him dinner, and we stayed up into the late hours catching up and chatting the night away.

Monday morning - thank goodness for the "Deer Hunt" I had no school, so we packed up and headed to Bryce Canyon National Park. To much of our luck the weather was beautiful - just a bit on the cold side. We got to the park, had lunch and then began our hiking. Not sure how many miles we did, I let Edmond be in charge since I have seen Bryce Canyon before and I wanted him to experience what he could. On our hike we met up with some cute Swiss boys and ended up hiking with them. I'm pretty SURE they thought I was crazy, but whatever, I had fun! And, FUN is what it's all about yo! After our hiking and seeing the park it was time to come back to reality. We ended the night cooking dinner together, and chatting the night away once again. The next morning I sent him on his way with my National Park Card (that expires the end of this month) with hopes that he'll get to see Arches National Park.
It's always great to have friends and family from afar stop in for a visit! Just know you all are always welcome, and I'll try to party it up like it's 1999. But, do know I'm ready for a vacation from all my vacations...does that even make any sense? Basically I just want life to slow down a bit.


Lucashell said...

I want my life to slow down a bit!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think I've reached the point, too, where I just want to slow down a bit. It was a big sign to me when I went to Europe and didn't really enjoy it. I just would rather stay at home and watch a movie. How sad, huh? I'm glad you had such an exciting weekend. Hiking with cute guys. Sounds great!

Romberger Family said...

Libby, you look so pretty in your pics! Sounds like you've been having fun...I wish my life would slow down a bit too, but it never seems to!

Lisa said...

Your blog has been added to mine! I hope you really do comment on mine and that that isn't just an empty promise! :)