Saturday, October 24, 2009

Look Who I Got to Cuddle With - One Happy Gal!

My cousin Summer just had her second child, a two month early miracle, a little girl named Peyton, after Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill (had to add that). Since her little girl was two months early she is not really allowed out of the house for six months. I've tried to do all I can to help out, but am pretty busy myself. However, today after I got off work I went right over to her home and picked up her little boy, Trace. The weather was amazing here today, so Trace, my brother Cash, and I played with him for hours outside. After about three hours outside Trace started to get sleepy. I took him in and laid him down, and lo and behold the cute little bugger who 90% of the time can't stand me let me lay with him and cuddle. Of course the minute I hit the pillow I was out!!! After about thirty minutes of a nice power nap, I heard the little man snoring away. I had to document this rare moment, and remember it forever. I had so much fun playing with him today, but I'm always grateful when it's time to give the little ones back to the parents. Got to love my single life!


Jessie said...

How precious! That is a rarity it's a good thing you got pictures to show people so that they would believe you!

The York's said...

Libby he loves you!!!