Thursday, October 15, 2009

Whirl Wind Weekend - Part Deux

Well as sad as I am to say goodbye it's much relief to get back into my "real" life. Holly's Mom and friend Crystal left on Monday, but we packed in a very fun weekend before they left St. George. On Friday we went to the St. George temple and did sealings since Linda (Holly's Mom) has never done any besides her own. Plus it's fast and quick. Short story to add to my blondness, after we were done with sealings I asked the Sealer if we could take the short cut down to the Celestial Room (the hidden stairs) he said no, and that they weren't allowed to take people that way anymore. I, out loud said, "Shoot!" Then I felt bad and started to ramble off, "Dang it, I mean darn it?!?! I mean...SORRY, I am going to go now because everything that is coming out of my mouth is not Temple Worthy..." With that said, Linda was laughing, she got so "tickled" as those Kentucky Folk say. After doing our service for the day we went to the visitor center heard some stories about the building of the Only TRUE Temple and then went for ice cream.

First thing Saturday morning it was off to Zion's National Park to see the beauty right in our backyard. We drove through the park, and tunnel, then hopped on the shuttle to hike the sidewalk version of the Narrows. After our "long" hike we went for some lunch at a fun little cafe in Springdale. However, as we were riding the shuttle back to our car we had to make all the stops along the way of picking people up. At one stop this group of four women got on the shuttle. The five of us were split up in between cars, I was in the back car just chilling. As I glanced up at the women who had just got on the shuttle I looked at the one woman and immediately said, "Are you a Lewis?" She said yes, and then said, "You are Sister Williams!" Sister Lewis was from Utah, but had moved to Beattyville, Kentucky (Where Linda and Holly are from) and were living there as I was serving as a missionary. I was so excited!!!! I immediately said, "You will not believe who is up in the next shuttle?" "LINDA AND HOLLY AKEMON!" Sister Lewis was so excited that she tried to get off the shuttle at the next stop to run up and see them. (They had become dear friends in Kentucky, and just the week of conference we had talked about them and their family.) She waited until we got to the parking lot and then we went and surprised Linda and Holly. It was an awesome little reunion, and totally random!
Kai (Stacie's son), Crystal, Stacie, Holly, Eliza (Crystal's daughter), Me, and Linda.

Me, Linda, Jodi Lewis, and Holly

After our adventures in Zion it was off to a show at Tuachan. Bless my sister Jessie's heart for getting us free tickets, and AWESOME seats to Aiada. We were four rows from the stage, and I had the BEST view of the shirtless lead man, who made eye contact with me several times during the show. He really did! I'm sure it means nothing, but it got my heart thumping and Holly laughing pretty hard. Her and I shouldn't go to shows, I think we laugh too much, and are very distracting. After the play it was goodbye, they were leaving Monday to fly back to Kentucky. It was bittersweet, but I know I'll see them soon. (This year for spring break Holly and I are flying to Nashville, TN then driving up to Kentucky to stay with her parents for the week, with a side trip to North Carolina to visit Linda's cousin who is a High School principle so I can meet her and talk about student teaching/working at her school when I graduate SUU. Gosh that was a mouth full, and probably a grammar no, no!)
Anyhow, life goes on, time was well spent, with a lot of fun! Now in two weeks I have another friend coming through town on his way to Denver that I'll get to play with. Stay tuned for that fun adventure!

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