Sunday, January 6, 2008

2007 in Review

January: Flew back to South Carolina to pick up Barbara a dear family friend and drove back to Utah. Making some wonderful stops along the way: North Carolina went to the Biltmore Mansion, drove right through Tennessee, Kentucky stopped and saw some dear families from my mission, Stopped in Indiana to get the car looked at, Got stuck in Illinois (Nauvoo) and didn't even get to do a session at the temple because they were closed because of the weather for two days, Struggled to get through Missouri and stayed the night in the huge city of Kansas City, finally in Kansas the sun started to shine once again and we stopped in Oklahoma City to take a moment and remember the bombing that took place, off to Amarillo Texas to stay the night, ate some lunch the next day in New Mexico, bought some turquoise, followed route 66, stayed in Flagstaff, stopped to see the dam at Lake Powell and then drove in to St. George and I have never been so happy to see the warm desert after traveling through a horrible ice storm in Illinois and Missouri! Another random tid bit...My car got hit for the first time - it was parked and got ran into!

Februrary: The month flew by with phone interviews for a job as a tour guide in Alaska.

March: Went to SLC to have a personal interview for the tour guide position. My car got hit a second time being parked!

April: Prepared for my roommate of two years wedding to Sam a young man that I went on a blind date four years previous. I also packed up all my junk and stored it in a storage unit so I could move to Alaska. Got my car fixed again and had an awesome ride for a week in a 2007 bright red Ford Mustang - gas guzzler! Said goodbye to my awesome job working at SunRiver and was given a helicopter ride over the City of St. George as my goodbye.

May: Started working as a tour guide and absolutley loving my job!

June: Went fishing in Alaska and caught two halibut and five rock fish!

July: Turned 27 - can I say 27 and SINGLE...and of course loving life!

August: Returned back to Utah and started school at SUU, moved in with Cash and began a two month process of painting!!! Was also welcomed back to SunRiver working on Saturdays in the Sales Office.

September: Went on my first Cruise from L.A. to Mexico - had some sea sickness but will for sure be prepared for my next cruise in October of 2008! Went to the L.A. Temple and got denyed...but later was welcomed in (due to the new recommend system)!

October: Recieved the sad news that I wouldn't be able to graduate with the degree that I have been shooting for - had my major change to Home Economics Teacher and feel pretty good about things.

November: Had a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and continued trucking through school. Finished most of the painting in Cash's house.

December: Survivied school - the week of finals my car got hit a third time...this time it was actually my fault! I backed into an on coming car - no worries no one was hurt! (I need to share this: the moment I got hit and got back in my car I called my mom...the first thing she say's to me, "Well was the guy you hit attractive???" NO MOM! I could've been killed and that's all you care about...the guy was old enough to be my dad! Thanks Mom!) Celebrated this Christmas Season surrounded by my wonderful family and extended family. Couldn't ask for a better ending to a busy year!

Bring it on 2008 - I'm ready for you!!!


Sproatmeal said...

Wow, that's a lot of times to get an injured car in only one year. I'm glad you're still alive!

By the way, Cash's place looks great. The top floor really looks like a different house. We love the color scheme, and you were obviously destined to become an interior decorator...if SUU still had that major. Seriously, that was one of your great accomplishments this year--transforming your grandma's house into Cash/Libby's house.

We hope to see you again soon!

Lucashell said...

Well I am excitted to run that half marathon with you. I will however be on you everday to see if your following the program.

Sydney & Logan said...

Blah-dy blah blah-dy blah blah-dy blah. I did read it though so I should get some credit. - Logan