Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

At Christmas Cash received his most favorite gift of all - The first season of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. At first I thought how funny - who asks for this for Christmas??? Cash was so excited to receive this first season and began watching that very day! I of course sat back and poked fun at the whole thing. But as the days went by I found myself sucked into the wonderful show. I began watching from the pilot and couldn't stop, and now have to stop because Cash only owns the first season. One thing that I have noticed in watching the show is Jane Seymour's (Dr. Quinn) eyes. It seems to me that she has one green eye and one brown eye. It gets me frustrated watching the show because sometimes I can tell and other times I can't tell. I guess I will have to try to "Google" it and see what I can find out.

Anyone who is looking for some good TV watching rent Dr. Quinn or find your local TV channel that shows this good clean, family oriented show. Here's a little bit of info for you - One season of this show costs almost $80.00 and for the entire complete set (seasons 1-6) you can get it for $235.00.

Isn't Sully Dreamy...okay, okay he has definitely grown on me, and I wish already that him and Dr. Quinn would KISS!!! How long are they going to drag out their hidden love for each other???


Alisha said...

Oh my heck, I totally used to love that show. And yes Sully is pretty hot. I think I used to drool over him back in the 90's, or whenever that was. Ha funny!

Jessica Williams said...

Libby they did kiss. It's the episode about her birthday. Plus Sully get's cleaned up a bit and looks very attractive.

Anonymous said...

Well, I just don't like Sully's hair. I can't stand long hair on men, and I don't know why it's supposedly sexy. With a beard he'd look like Jesus.

The wedding episode is the best. If you watch that on DVD, make sure to listen to the commentary. It's really funny.

I get Dr. Quinn from Netflix because I cannot find a station that still shows episodes of it. I'm on season four now, but I have to say that the first few seasons were my favorite. It really is addictive. I could just keep watching and watching it!

Lucashell said...

I could never get through an episode. I am just not a fan, But she was so funny in the Wedding Crashers.