Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I am NOT meant to live in the SNOW!

On Monday we woke up to a butt load of all this white stuff everywhere! I'm not one meant to live in this kind of condition! Snow and I are like oil and vinegar...we don't mix. I did however get up fairly early to get my car cleaned off and warmed up before I left for school. I didn't however plan for the drive into Cedar. I thought for sure that the main roads would be clear like Main St. in Cedar City. Not so...as I am getting off the freeway I hit some ice, and as I'm breaking because I don't know what else to do...I had to steer right to avoid hitting the truck in front of me. I didn't even have to exercise for the day (but I did) because that five feet of sliding got my heart pumping some major blood! Not that it would really matter if I had ran into that truck in front of me...my car already has a huge dent on the back bumper. After that I drove like a snail the rest of the day! As soon as I finish school I'm out of here - I'm heading as far south...Vegas is sounding better and better to me each day!

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Sproatmeal said...

We got our big snow last night. It's seriously the most I've ever seen here in Utah. It took quite a while to get to school this morning, and it was a bit scary.

Libby: When driving in the snow, PUMP THE BRAKES! And steer into the slide so you won't start spinning. Oh, and drive really slowly and carefully. That's all you need to know about driving in the snow. Now you don't have to move to Vegas.