Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Get Ready Alaska...Cause I'm Coming BACK!

I just applied online for another summer in Alaska - and today I recieved an email back from them telling me they were excited to see that I reapplied, and that they'll be in touch with me after the holidays. YEAH BUDDY! Alaska here I come...Hope you're ready for me again!!!


Lucashell said...

So, are you going to learn how to mix drinks for us all, this time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Libby, it's me, Aunt Anne. Sally just posted this link on our family website and I came and checked it out. Are we going to get a family picture of the fam? About your going back to Alaska next summer...I'm so jealous. I've wanted to go to Alaska for many years. We had friends on Kwaj who met when they were students at the University in Fairbanks (he in graduate school in astrophysics, and she an undergraduate in medical technology). They told Terry and i for years that we would be perfect up in Alaska, that we had the personalities, etc. for making a go up there. (I've never been quite sure what that meant, though; I took it as a compliment). My intention, though, is to get up there somehow, someway, sometime. Keep a warm seat on the train for me!!