Friday, January 15, 2016

My 2015 in Review

This last year was pretty amazing sauce for me!

And, with that being said, I look forward to a wonderful 2016 ahead of me.

Highlights of 2015
  • Dad came to San Francisco with me on an overnight.
  • Visited Ireland for the first time ever...and started to show off my Honey Bunny a little bit more.
  • Saw Paris a second time. 
  • Had some dear friends visit Chicago, and let me play tour guide.
  • Saw the Cubs play an amazing baseball game, that later sent them to the playoffs.
  • Worked some awesome overnights with some awesome crews.
  • Euro-tripped it, again, to Amsterdam with Paul and his auntie. Was a first time for him in Amsterdam. Him and I made a great traveling duo.
  • Flew to Iceland, with Paul and my brother Flint, and road tripped the entire island on the famous Ring Road.
  • Saw the groundbreaking of a new LDS church in downtown Chicago.
  • Took a day trip to PDX for Paul's birthday - all in a day, and even got first class coming home!
  • Haribo candies sent me a gold mine of free Haribo gummy candies. BEST! DAY! EVER!
  • Watched my brother Cash marry his longtime girlfriend Kali. Funnest wedding all year!
  • Took an epic family road trip to Durango, Colorado with my whole family, and Paul.
  • Watched the airplanes land at SXM airport in St. Maarten. Then balled my eyes out trying to get out of that airport...
  • Jetted to Switzerland, for the most life changing event ever. I GOT ENGAGED! AT THE BASE OF THE MATTERHORN!
  • Had more visitors to Chicago - Flint, Paul, and my Mom. And had a few more friends that came to visit too.
  • Watched the Chicago marathon, and cheered on those runners.
  • Spent those major holidays surrounded by family.
  • Witnessed the CTA Christmas train - which was a big deal for me.
  • Said goodbye to dive of a restaurant, that will always have wonderful childhood memories. Long live the Cow, may you rest in peace Top Spot.
  • Saw Star Wars, fell asleep, and ruined it for those who hadn't seen it. Therefore, took a break from social media. (New Years resolution for the new year: shut up!)
  • Rang in the New Year surrounded by my family.