Sunday, December 27, 2015

25 Things I love about Paris

twenty five things i quickly fell in love with during my first trip to paris.

in no specific order.
  1. food.
  2. specifically crepes.
  3. and, also macaroons. YES, MACAROONS! (Side note, I had never really tried macaroons until I was in Paris. It only seemed fitting to actually eat a macaroon in the land, and city, they were created in. I was not disappointed. They were, what I feel, the food of heaven will be like, and taste like.  So many pretty colors and flavors. My heaven better have macaroons.) 
  4. architecture.
  5. the details in everything.
  6. the shutters by almost all the windows.
  7. people.
  8. the language, the accent.
  9. melting pot of culture.
  10. tower of eiffel.
  11. at night.
  12. with all the lights.
  13. in the day too.
  14. always the eiffel, always.
  15. history.
  16. a step back in time.
  17. public transportation.
  18. alleyways full of so much to see.
  19. cobblestone pathways.
  20. churches & cathedrals.
  21. notre dame.
  22. shopping.
  23. the fact they drive on the same side of the road as americans (cough, cough - london).
  24. the high end fashion, seen everywhere, not just in high end boutiques.
  25. being there with my tour guide, Paul.   

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Jordan said...

I am glad you understand my love of the best cookie ever. ♥️♥️