Friday, February 10, 2012

So...I "Deactivated" Facebook, Yet I Joined Pinterest

Remember how I deactivated Facebook a few months ago.  I say deactivated BECAUSE THEY WON'T LET ME JUST BE DONE WITH IT!!!  It will always be there for me, gee thanks Facebook, bless your heart.  So, even though I deactivated Facebook I have sadly found another website to suck all my time, Pinterest.
This lovely time sucking website makes you have to get invited to join, and way back in the month of May at my glorious book club we got talking about Pinterest.  I decided to come home and check it out.  I mean really, everyone was doing it.  As I perused the website I noticed this was a website that would really take my time.  Because I had some self control, back then, I was determined to stay off.  Obviously that didn't last long.  I kept being pestered by people to join, and I kept telling them I wouldn't because I have an addictive personality (maybe, I don't want to have an addictive personality though...) and I would spend every waking moment on this sight.
So it has become my life.  Why not?  I mean seriously, as most of you know, my life pretty much sucks right now, so why don't I just waste my time looking and dreaming about stuff I will some day make/do because I have saved it all on Pinterest???  Makes sense to me.  Okay, so I am not on there 24/7, but because the job market here in Cedar City is the pits, and going place to place is a waste of gas and time, and everyone tells me that to find a job now days, it's all "apply online."  Well, I am applying online, but when I need a break from this stupid job search I turn to Pinterest to ease my mind.

I'm not sure if I'll ever reactivate my Facebook, (for the record I had to activate it to join Pinterest, but I quickly deactivated once I joined) but until that day comes I have found a better use of my time.  And that use of time is perusing Pinterest for hours at a time.

Are you on Pinterest?  You are, how lovely.  I hope that you are "following" me.  Please take a moment to find me and follow my wishful thinking.

{fyi:  i got pulled from student teaching because that stupid praxis test i had to retake ended up landing me an even worse score then the first time!!!  this also means no graduating from college this spring, and i am also trying to find a job so i can just stay here and not move in with mommy & daddio - cause that can't be good...Dearest Lord, what are you trying to teach me...i'm about to break, and i'm pretty sure it's not going to be pretty when i do.}


Anonymous said...

I have looked at Pinterest a few times, and I am really not interested in it. I don't understand the appeal. But I am also not a crafty person. Don't care about nice photos or cute creations or whatever. But, I'm glad you like it! I'll stick to Facebook.

I need to send you one of Ethan's "Damn the World" t-shirts. I'm sure it would help you feel better. You are also welcome to move in with us. I'm sure the dog food and corn syrup factories have openings...

Lucashell said...

So Ya Pinterest I look at once in awhile but not sure what the point is... It is fun to look at when I get on it..

Miss Jessie said...

I refuse to join pintirest but I am interested in what ideas you find for when I finally move into a place where I can actually attempt to decorate. Just have a little faith, these things happen for a reason. One day you'll look back and be grateful that you were able to work through this experience ;)