Friday, December 10, 2010

I Land in a Pile of Poop and Seem to Come Up Smelling Like Roses

A couple of weeks ago during my little, "my life is so rough" moment I was hanging out one night with my Cuz Summer. During our little "hang out" we went to the one and only department store in Cedar City called Christensen's. I was pretty much bored out of my mind while The Cuz went shopping. During my "bored" moment I decided since it was getting close to Christmas and I had been thinking about a holiday job I would ask someone at the store if they were hiring. I saw (and knew) that Christensen's had a "wrapping center" in the back of the store. I decided to go back and just ask if they would be hiring for holiday help. At the time, I was REALLY all about it, for working thru the holidays. But, as the weekend came to a close I was like, "Naaaa, I'm going to enjoy my Christmas holiday rather than work." However, during my shopping time with my Cuz I had talked to one of the owner's wife and daughter about working the wrapping counter through the holiday's. They were just as sweet as suga' to me, and really made it sound like they would hire me on the spot. (I also talked to the Manager that night as well, him telling me to turn in a my resume.) Well, like I said, the weekend came and I decided against turning in my resume to this department store. As my luck, I guess, would have it, two weeks later that daughter, Amy, who I had spoke to that night came and found me on campus at SUU. She had apparently seen me working in the Testing Center (so glad she was one person I had been nice too) and left a message for me to call Christensen's. The message was that they wanted to hire me, but couldn't seem to find my resume that I had turned in. Hello, I didn't turn in a resume! So, I decided that I must REALLY need this job through the holidays. I printed off my resume and immediately went in. I talked to one of the Assistant Managers and first thing he said was, "Sorry we lost your resume, but we would love to hire you for the position of a holiday gift wrapper." I explained, " never lost my resume because I never turned one in..." He was in complete shock, and said, "The job is yours, if you want it." I told him, "I really want it, now, and I'm sorry I never turned in a resume. And, don't think that I'm a complete aloof person." He just laughed and thought it was funny that they had to send one of their workers to stalk me on campus. So, here is to another job on my resume. I already worked the "Black Friday" and absolutely loved all 8 hours of it! This has got to be my new favorite job ever. I know what you are thinking...give Libby a couple weeks at this job and she'll probably rant about something on her blog. I'm here to say, don't count on it yo's! One last thing, this job gets tips. Whoever tips gift wrapping people, I know seriously. (Not the Mormons...cause you all know how I feel about those 10 percent tippers.) Anyhow, I'm not expecting any tips from anyone, but I do know that from working this job if I ever have anyone gift wrap then I'm giving them a tip. That's just how I roll!

So with school done and now plenty of time on my hands I am completely grateful for this new wrapping job. As my Mommy always likes to say to me, "You seem to always think you land in a pile of poop, (she doesn't say that though) but in the end come up smelling like roses!" This time, I have to agree!


Miss Jessie said...

Mom says that to me all the time. We better not be reading any depressing/angry rants about this job, since you love it so much.

Anonymous said...

I worked as a holiday gift wrapper at the BYU bookstore back in 2007. It was so freakin' fun! I absolutely loved it! My hourly wage was next to nothing, but I did get a couple tips. Every Christmas since then, I've wished I could work gift wrapping again. I really didn't feel like it was a job. It was just so darn fun. Seriously, I hope you love it as much as I did.

Yeah, you got lucky.

Anisa said...

fun job!

Cutie Cakes by MinDee said...

i'm glad you're enjoying yourself. nice to have some extra holiday cash!