Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Card Catastrophe

I'm starting to panic because it's almost Christmas and I haven't got my Christmas cards sent out. I wanted to do something similar to last years - take the poem, "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and tweak it to my life this year. But, because of stress from school, working two jobs (now just the one), and trying to just stay sane I haven't got my cards done and I'm FREAKING OUT!!! I want people to enjoy my card, but will they???? I got my picture with Santy, and the envelopes are all addressed, but the poem. The BLASTED POEM is still in the works! Sheesh...

Last years Christmas card - it was a joke, I hope you got that.

The Night Before Libby’s Christmas
By Liberty Williams

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Libby was STILL single, and searching for something called a spouse!
The lingerie was hung by the dryer with care,
In hopes that a man soon would be there!
Libby nestled herself all snug in her bed,
With visions of men dancing away in her head.
With pajamas from Gap,
She had just settled down for a long winter’s nap.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter!
She sprang from her bed to see what the matter?
Looking out the window on the new fallen snow,
‘Twas a limo of men driving up from below.
The driver drove faster than Edward in Twilight
As he shouted the men’s names in hopes she might find her white knight!
Now, Blue eyes! Now, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Now Edward.
Now, Clever! Now, Active! Now, Wealthy and Funny!
Right before her eyes, she was ready to call one “My Honey!”
Now hurry, now hurry, now hurry one and all!
So, up to the house the men came running,
They were all just so divinely stunning!
When, what to her wondering eyes should appear,
But the twinkling of a diamond, which made her stand up and cheer!
She knew in a moment this must be the one,
Could this be true, could she really be done?
No more searching, wishing, hoping, and dreaming,
Single no more was beginning to look so pleasing.
With a wink of his eye, and a smile to make one melt,
He then began to knelt…
When out of the blue such a beeping arose,
As her alarm clock blared, and her dream disappeared.
Libby woke to a Christmas filled with despair,
In hopes that next year, she might have a prayer!
But until then may your home be filled with cheer,
As I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Cutie Cakes by MinDee said...

i'd just sign the card, "merry christmas, love libdawg" you can't beat the poem-that was awesome! nothing wrong with just a card signed, i wouldn't stress over it.

Bodacious Berty said...

Oh well, now to top it off I just realized that on my christmas picture card I spelt Santa Claus wrong - Ahhhhh! I added an e to the end of claus? Sheesh! Maybe by the new year I'll get these cards sent out!