Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flower POWER!!!

(Charlotte, Shellie, Andrea, Me, Kelly, Lindsay - my coworker this summer, and Crystal - who I worked with last year.)

Well, I'm back in the garden again! Yes, I'm back planting flowers, gett'n dirty, and screaming louder at the worms in the dirt. However, I just got done reading some children's books (yes children's books) about worms, and have a new found love for them. Yes they still frighten me when they pop up to say hello, but they are my friend, and good for the earth. So, I am starting to love them.

Enough about worms...I'm back on the Flower Crew sporting my FLOWER POWER, and hot overalls. I have a new buddy, Lindsay, and a new area. I asked for shade this year since I didn't really want to burn and shorten my life due to skin cancer, so ask and you shall receive, I got put in the Shakespeare area. Lots of shade but lots of weirdos...Where do these people come
from??? We see people daily who make us stop and stare, and wonder how they are here in small town Cedar City?

It's been a lot of fun, and I am learning lots more about gardening and flowers. My boss wants me to get my "Master Gardner," but I have to wait until spring to take the classes and then intern at a garden somewhere. Sounds exciting, and I would love to know more and more about gardening!!!!


Cutie Cakes by MinDee said...

go for it, master gardner! love the way that sounds!

Jessie said...

I would like to see you pick up a worm. That outfit is a lot flattering than the one I saw you in the other day. And FYI when you work at a theatre you are bound to meet some interesting people, trust me I get to interact with them at Tuacahn.

Anne Sproat said...

Libby, when I was 10 and your mom was 2, we moved from Houston to Austin. My dad had gone on before us by about 6 months. In the interim he had made friends with the extreme right wingers in the Austin area. Now these friends were also avid health foodies and organic gardners.

So with his new pearls of wisdom, he went down to the Austin Library and checked out a book "Harnessing the Earthworm". It's out of print now (and needs to be reprinted). From what he learned, he built a HUGE compost pit up against the sides of the garage and began to raise earthworms in flats (like berry flats) in the garage. I had the wonderful job of going through each of these flats looking for the "eggs" which were teeny, and were waxy and reminded me of tapioca grains. We would then put them in a new flat filled with fresh composted loam and when they hatched and had gotten to a certain size, they would then be taken out to the BIG compost pit outside.

So when you're at your summer job, on your knees in the dirt, I hope you realize what a wonderful sign an earthworm is to the world. We want all kinds of earthworms in our soil and in our gardens and on our farms. An earthworm is a sign that someone is taking care of the soil, and treating it with the love it needs to even be able to support worms. It's a heavenly stewardship. You're lucky to have such a wonderful job, not just because it's work in a hard time, but because it brings you into daly contact with God.

And I feel Grandpa is right by you, cheering you on.