Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nashville Baby, Nashville

The Loveless Cafe - best southern cook'n I've had south of the Mason Dixon.
The owner, the famous lady, and I can't remember her name. I know?
Sweet as can be, Holly and I! Getting ready to tour the town of Nashville!
Belle Meade Plantation - fascinating house. You can't see, but if I would've put a more "up close" picture you could see the bullet holes in the pillars on the front of the house that are from the civil war. Holy COW!
Beautiful small Nashville Temple! (Another reason I could live here!)
Carton Plantation (The Battle of Fanklin, TN). This house was used as a hospital and still has blood stains all over the upstairs bedrooms that are from the civil war. This house touched my heart and the stories told made me cry. Amazing family that lived here, amazing!
Fried pickles. Let's just say I don't think I'll ever eat pickles this way.
Downtown Nashville, just got done eating at The Wild Horse Saloon. Oh, I love this city!!!
Grand Ole Opry! So totally cool! We saw, just to name a few, Jimmy Dickens, John Conlee, Jim Ed Brown, and Marty Stuart. Again, SO TOTALLY COOL!
The Ryman Auditorium, where bluegrass began, and the first place of the Grand Ole Opry.
Inside the Ryman - I love this picture I took of Holly. This place really does have a nice spirit to it. Even some of the stories told here made my heart be still.
Taking a pose on stage. I'm so lame sometimes???
Nashville Baby, Nashville!!!
Gotta have my drink of choice, only found in Kentucky - Ale-8. Mmmm, that stuff is good, but as fast as it goes in it quickly needs to be disposed.

I don't know what it is, but every time I head east to go visit I fall in love with a new city. Nashville Baby, Nashville. That's my new favorite city. Oh my goodness how I fell in love with this city, and fell fast. I so badly want to move here and make this music city my home. Holly drove down (from Kentucky) and picked me up at the airport in Nashville then it was off to see the sights. We first went and ate lunch at a good 'ol southern restaurant where I met the owner and I got a picture with her. Guess what, she's famous for them there biscuits, and 'er biscuits arrrre good. Can you hear my southern accent I tried to pick up??? Now when I say famous for her biscuits she has appeared all over the Food Network and late night TV for them biscuits of hers. After salivating and eating as many biscuits as I could we then went and found our hotel and went to bed. Red eye flights are horrible for making me tired.

Saturday was super productive as we visited several historic civil war plantations. They were so historic and so cool yo. I learned so much and have decided that when I move back to Nashville I am going to be a tour guide at one of these plantations. The stories they told were so amazing, and even sent chills up my arms. I'm sure some of these homes have got to be haunted. After visiting these historic homes we went and saw the Nashville Temple. Hello - another reason I can live in Nashville, they have a temple! We saw the missionaries, took some pictures of the temple and then went to dinner at The Wild Horse Saloon. Very appropriate don't you think? Temple touring to drunk'n folk??? The Wild Horse Saloon is a famous saloon in downtown Nashville that has a huge stage, and dance floor. We got lucky enough to have a great table right in front of the dance floor and not to far from the stage to see the singers. We had some fried pickles, and a lot of fried food for dinner. Boy was it all good! After dinner it was off to the Grand Ole Opry. I loved the two hours we were there and hope I get the chance to go back very soon. Now that was a lot of fun. Seriously, so cool!

Sunday was church going time. We called all around and finally found the singles ward which started at 11:00am. We made it, scoped it out, had no luck on men, and left the chapel to go break the sabbath. We tried to keep the sabbath day holy by visiting the Historic Ryman - it is the building that started all this bluegrass, country music. The Ryman used to be a church in the heart of Nashville and has the second best acoustics next to the LDS Conference center (LDS has the best - if you didn't catch that). I loved that little bit of information. There was a nice little spirit in that church and the stories shared were also a treat to hear. After the Ryman tour we walked down town to hear all the different bars playing live music. Stopped in one and had one of the best cheeseburgers ever! Then it was off to fight the traffic of all the happy UK fans heading from Nashville back to KY. Did we pick the wrong weekend to be in town, heck yeah, cause the town was painted blue with excited University of Kentucky fans who had just won the playoffs and are now heading to the NCAA. (I try to go to Tennessee to visit Tennessee and was so confused because there were Kentucky people all over the place!)

That night we headed into Kentucky (stopping for an Ale-8, of course) and I was overwhelmed with a sense of peace that I was right where I belonged. Arriving at Holly's home and greeted by her sweet family just made me feel like I was just here yesterday.


Romberger Family said...

sounds like a blast lib. glad you got to go! i would love hearing the civil war stories and seeing those plantations...i love that kind of stuff. just keep traveling, i live though your vacations!

Lisa said...

Sounds like fun! I hope we get to talk soon.

Logan and Sydney said...

Can I just say that I am so jealous??? It is seriously my dream to go ANYWHERE in the south and tour Civil War battlefields and old plantations. P.S. I like to believe those houses are haunted too;)

Anonymous said...

Wait...Are you in Kentucky at the same time we're in Kentucky? We are leaving Louisville tomorrow. Crazy!

Jessie said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun. I'm jealous that you went without me.