Thursday, March 11, 2010

13 Reasons Why

As you can see from my previous post I just read a book. Isn't that just neat. What I'm trying to say is the book was called 13 Reasons Why. Why did I read this book? BECAUSE I just joined a book club and I am SOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT IT! We had one month to read the book and then we met up last night and discussed the book. Okay, I'm pretty sure all people know what a book club is and how they work, but again, I'M SO EXCITED TO BE APART OF ONE!!! Our next book is The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. I gotta get reading...

13 reAsOns WhY I Am sO ExCitEd to Be iN a BoOK ClUb!
1. Making new friends!
2. Reading books.
3. Broadening my horizon of different books and genres.
4. Getting the opportunity to discuss what we read. (I always want to talk about the latest book I've just read.)
5. Discussing books (for me) helps to reinforce things in my mind and helps me to retain information better.
6. I'm actually part of a real life book club - AGAIN, totally excited about that fact alone.
7. Food is involved (providing food from the book for our snack during the meeting.)
8. Being part of a book club makes me feel smart.
9. Helps me read my books faster - I like having a deadline.
10. Being apart of this book club gives me something to look forward to each month.
11. I think that being apart of this book club will help me to appreciate different types of books, example, Pride and Prejudice (my New Years resolution is to read this book...haven't started yet...but now it's out there for the world to see.)
12. (Ran out of reasons...) I get to be apart of a real deal book club!
13. I get to be apart of a real deal book club!


Lucashell said...

I think I would like to try being in a book club... I think it would be really fun.

Thayne and Jenny said...

Fun stuff! I should join a book club too! Maybe it wouldn't take me so long to get through a book if I were in one ;). I want to read more.

Jessie said...

I've always wanted to be in a book club, but no one seems to like to read the types of book I read. Maybe someday. As soon as you finish Pride and Prejudice we are watching the movie. I'll start you off with the Kiera Knightley and then watch the A&E which is the best! You will definitely have to blog about that!

Camaree Staheli said...

I am also pumped for the book club. I loved this post! So glad it will give us an opportunity to hang out more!

Lisa said...

I'm so excited about it too! It was so fun to have that get together! It is fun to have that to look forward to!

Sproatmeal said...

Jessie, you and I can start a book club if we ever live near each other! I agree--no one wants to do the types of books I want to do. In the one book club I was in, I was definitely the youngest person. But I think you and I would like similar books. I'm loving North and South. Are you still reading it?

Anisa said...

I agree. I don't think I've really read a book since my book club quit a couple of years ago.

Kim and Aaron said...

Libby! How do you have time to read?? I am impressed! I hardly ever read books other than text books while in school! Love your blog, so fun!