Friday, February 6, 2009

Survived My First Week at Work

This is about as exciting as my Blog is getting lately...Let's talk about my first week of work. How exciting! It's just like any other job, I basically just sit through a window and stare at students taking tests. It is quite fun when you have a hot guy with no ring on his finger sitting in front of me being intimidated BY ME! Since I'm so intimidating! That's about all I can give you about the job now, we are still trying to get the center set up, but at least we have a routine down with how to run it now. Here's something exciting I can give you. The testing center made front page of the University Journal (SUU Newspaper) and guess who was quoted in the article twice - you guessed right, me! Kind of lame - I know, but I'll be keeping the article for my scrapbook. I tell ya - I'm going to milk this job for my resume when it comes time to look for a teaching job.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're famous! Get a bunch of copies of the paper, autograph them, and give them to people/sell them on ebay. Just a suggestion.

Anisa said...

Our life is kinda boring too. That's why we haven't blogged.