Saturday, February 7, 2009

If you have young children DO NOT TAKE THEM TO THE MOVIE THEATER!!!

WARNING!!! This is one of my rare little rants - so I don't want any hurt feelings when you are done reading this!

WHY IN THE HECK (I'm watching my language - thank you) would anyone take children to movies that are adult movies. This evening I met up with one of my friends from Alaska, in Cedar. We decided to go to a Matin'ee of "He's Just Not That Into You" and this is why I wait for movies to come out on DVD.

We enter the theater about 10 minutes before the movie starts. It is empty, we find a great seat and patiently wait for the movie to start. People start to come in, old couples, young couples, and then two middle aged women with a FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL! Guess where they sit - RIGHT BEHIND ME!!! The movie begins and after ten minutes the little girl is bored with the movie - she should be, it's a movie for adults! To be the polite person that I am I do the head turn. You know where you just turn your head and sigh. Yeah - that's what I did! This continued through most the movie - the head turning. I almost lost it at one point and turned around and said, "SERIOUSLY LADY!" "Really, you really are bringing a child to this movie!" I didn't, I kept it to myself. However, I thought I'll put this on paper and teach everyone with children to not take them to movies - CALL ME! I will gladly babysit them for you just so I know you are not one of those people who takes their children to a movie just so they can squirm, kick my seat, and talk the entire time!

Lastly, the movie was great, even when I wasn't getting pushed on my chair. It taught me a lot of insight on men, or BOYS, and I will probably rent it when it comes out. Just because there were a few things that I missed during the movie!


Logan and Sydney said...

You should read the book. I did when I was in high school

Libby the Teacher said...

Yeah, I remember going to see the latest Queen Elizabeth movie in the theatre, and there was a family with like 3 toddlers. What the heck?!

Anisa said...

This is reminiscent of the Alaska post where I am not allowed to go to Alaska because Libby would be irritated with us on the train.

We take our kids to kid movies and we take our newborns to movies, but if they make a peep, Ryan freaks out. I would never take them to an adult movie.

However, Lucas doesn't think "those kids" meaning my rowdy boys shouldn't be allowed to go to the hunting expo with their dad.

Lucashell said...

I agree with you... No kids at movies unless it is a kid movie.. That includes newborns! I feel if I find a babysitter to go to an adult movie with Lucas than I don't want to have kids at that movie!

Anisa said...

I just went to it with the girls on my street last night (I know, shocking!). Cute movie... except for the whole affair part.