Thursday, September 4, 2008

Camping in Homer

This Labor Day weekend I happened to have off, so Bev and I went camping to our favorite city in Alaska, Homer.  I got of work late Friday night and got home and packed as fast as I could. We left Anchorage around 11:00pm after stopping for gas and caffeine.  We drove all the way down to the Kenai to stay at the Princess Lodge for one night, unfortunately I wish we could've stayed longer.  That next morning we got up and had the most beautiful day ever.  To bad it only lasted until night.  That afternoon we got to the Homer Spit and set up camp on the beach.  We met up with Camilla and Matt, and two of their friends; we made tin foil dinners and sat on the beach watching the sun set.  
The next day, Sunday, we woke up to rain.  All day it rained.  I did however get to read part of Breaking Dawn, but am still not done.  After more rain and sitting in the tent we had a lull in the storm and went on to the "Spit" to walk around and eat some dinner.  We went to our favorite restaurant known as Captain Patty's.  It has the best seafood pasta I have ever had in my whole life!!!  But as soon as we were done eating I headed straight for the nearest bathroom.  Oh my gosh, the cream on that pasta does not mix well with my stomach???

After that experience in the bathroom we went on to walk on the "Spit" and as we were finishing our walk the rain came again.  So off to sleep we went.  It rained so hard and blew I just kept thinking we were going to get washed away along with the tide of the ocean.  I wake up around 3:00am to see that Bev is gone.  Come to find out she went and slept in the car.  I of course rolled back to sleep to wake up around 8:00ish and had enough of the rain.  I packed up within minutes and we made like the brakeman and jumped off the train!!!  Basically got the Hell out of Homer!  P.S. I still love Homer - it's got to be my favorite town in this state!
I got crabs when I walked on the beach!!!


Anisa said...

You would think you could learn what you can and can not eat... Miss Lactose Intolerant1

Jessie said...

I saw a crab when I was on the Homer Spit!

Lucashell said...

That looks like so much fun... So don't ever eat Logan's Alfrado pasta.. With his homemade sauce it might just kill you it is so creamy.