Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Alaska State Fair

The State Fair just ended, and Bev and I were so lucky to get a chance to go and hang out.  We went on my "one" day off, and it just happened to be great weather.  I just wanted to go to see all the MASSIVE veggies - Alaska is known for it's big vegetables...they get huge.  One year they had 106 lbs cabbages, 19 lbs carrots, and 65 lbs cantaloupe.  Those are some big melons if you ask me!  This year they had a 907 lbs pumpkin - that has got to make a lot of pumpkin pie! That was the biggest veggie I saw.  However, the cabbage were pretty good size.  In fact, I got a tiny bit scared...they looked like they could eat me!!!  Could you imagine my family getting a telegram of me being eat'n by a cabbage.  CRAZY, CRAZY...okay - so I have lost it.  What else is new?
Another random thing at the fair...They had animals.  We watched the pigs for a bit, they are such funny fat animals.  BUT, they had cows, and one of them shared the same name as me.  Her name was Liberty, and is due to have a baby cow in June.  She was very sweet and photogenic.


Anisa said...

Shellie is wanting to drag us to the Utah State Fair. We'll have to see how that goes.... I've never been.

Jessie said...

That looks a lot cooler than the Iron County Fair. There were animals and veggies, but there were no giant vegetables!

Lucashell said...

I know I am totally dragging Anisa and her 4 boys to it. Your post just made me more excited to go to it.