Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fantastically Fun Times in Fairbanks

For the last month we have been planning a trip to Fairbanks for a weekend. We were able to stay at the Fairbanks Princess lodge for next to nothing, so what the heck - let's explore Fairbanks to the fullest!

Before arriving in Fairbanks Laura (my roommate) and I hung out in Denali National Park why we waited for Audra to get off work and then we hit the open road for Fairbanks.

There is really nothing very exciting in this town, but we made it fun! The night we arrived we went to the farthest north Denny's in the world - basically anything in this town is the farthest north???

The next day we went to the Fairbanks Museum at UAF and spent a few hours there, went and looked at some Musk Ox. We then headed further north to Chena Hot Springs which is the "must do thing" here in Fairbanks. I was so grateful the weather was bad - it made the springs much more enjoyable!

After a soak in the hot chchchchena springs we went and ate at this "to die for" restaurant/brewery (farthest north) Silver Gulch. After that we checked out the Pipeline and called it a day!
Sunday we got up and went to church (yes, Fairbanks has a singles ward), and then started are long trek back to Denali to drop Audra off and then continued south to Anchorage. Of course stopping at Skinny Dicks Halfway Inn on our way home. It was a great time in Fairbanks - heck I would do it again!


Logan and Sydney said...

Love it, Love it, LOVE IT! You just made my day Libby!

Lucashell said...

I love trying new places to eat... It is my favorite thing to do.

Jessie said...

I want to go into skinny dick's next time we go past it. I wonder what it's like on the inside.