Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Sisters

Easter weekend was a blast!!! It was so great to have so many family members here to celebrate this wonderful holiday! I chose to post a picture of me and "my sisters", or so I like to say. I always thought of Anisa and Summer as sisters, so here is to our bondship - lame I know, but sometimes I can get a little mushy???


The York's said...

Libby Libby, you have been so wonderful at planning activities for our family I just want to thank you for that! Also for the pictures you love to take. You know we all really are glad that we take them! I love my family!

Anisa said...

It's almost like we planned the colors on this picture. It looks pretty good!

I think we were all pretty close because we spent so much time together at Granny's. Your mom and I used to hang out a lot before you guys came along too!