Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hanging Out with the Married Friends

On Friday I got together with two of my high school buddies, who are of course married and have several kids. It's always fun to see them, hang out, and catch up on all our lives. We met up at Alisha's house and ordered pizza; I disgustingly provided the dessert - nasty oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The reason I say disgusting is because I don't like them but MinDee and Alisha absolutley love them, so being the kind person that I am, I made them their cookies. Alisha has three darling kids, and MinDee has two cuties, and one on the way. I know MinDee would have rather left the kids with the husbands, but I really appreicate them bringing them and letting me play with them. Alisha's kids taught me how to play the Wii, we even played a few of the old school Mario games, and I bowled. (Aren't Alisha's kids the cutest! Her son is solid and darling. I'm not kidding, after just holding him for about ten minutes I got my workout for the day in! Alisha thanks for letting me hang out with you for as long as I did - can't wait to do it again!)

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Alisha Green said...

Ahhh their so cute, of course I'm biased but...

Lib, loved hangin out. Wish we could do it more often. And of course you are welcome anytime. Dispite what Mike says.