Saturday, March 15, 2008

Chelsea Lately show on E!

Slowly I have become a fan of Chelsea Handler who is a comedian on E! She also has her own late night show known as Chelsea Lately. It's one of the better late night shows out there - in my opinion. As I have been watching it more and more I have noticed that Chelsea has mentioned the "Mormons" quite a bit. One incident was on her 100th episode this past week, she had Jenny McCarthy as her special guest.
As she was visiting with Jenny McCarthy, Chelsea asked her to talk about her son, who has autism. Jenny McCarthy begins by telling how she was seeking any kind of help possible to try to "heal" her son. At one point she had heard that the Mormons can heal people, so she got on the phone and called the LDS church. Within a few days the church sent over two Elder Missionaries. She was so funny telling the story; she answered the door and was shocked to see two boys who looked like they were 12, who were dressed nicely with two white shirts and ties, but decided to let them come in. When they came in they visited with her and her son. In Jenny McCarthy's words, the boys were trying to play with her son and they had some toy balls that they were playing with when Jenny say's, "Come on Evan, play with the boy's balls." Anyhow, the missionaries ended up giving her son a blessing and she said that it was very beautiful and she is so grateful that they were able to come over to her house of sin.

Back to Chelsea Handler - host of Chelsea Lately...she was raised by a Mormon Mother and a Jewish Dad. I'm always curious to know who was raised Mormon in Hollywood. Chelsea Handler can be pretty racy, but has always been kind when she talks about us Mormons.

If you are ever up late - check her out! Totally funny!


Lucashell said...

So she is on the VH1 ex: The 90's etc... She is pretty funny when she is making fun of others. It is only funny when their is a hint of truth to the rip. And she seems to hit it dead on.

Jessica Williams said...

So when are you telling us about Vegas?

Lucashell said...

Libby what about Vegas?

Soxy Pirate said...

Did you know that there's a piece on right now about Jenny McCarthy's son, and how he has "recovered" from his autism, to the point that doctors now tell them that he appears to have never had the disease at all?

With all the medicine and treatments her son had, I wonder how much she attributes his recovery to that blessing, if at all.