Sunday, January 19, 2014

Party Like it's 1998 or 2002?

My high school days were pretty sweet.  I had some great times in high school, and I had some awesome friends too!  I am trying to think back to one of the last times we were actually all together.  I know for sure when we graduated high school ('98) we were all together.  Then one last time in 2002 at my mission farewell we were together.  My little gang of friends consisted of me, Alisha, MinDee, and Leah.  We were inseprable, or so it seemed.  Soon after high school, one by one the three of them met the man of their dreams and were wisked away into that thing called marriage.  This marriage thing did not stop us from staying together.  Over the last fifteen years we have been able to stay connected.  Whether it be phone calls, texts, emails, or even regular mail we have kept our friendship going.
(I think this photo was taken in 2000 - I look horrible in this picture!)
Umpteen years later - like nothing has changed...except for the fact
they have a bunch of kids.  And, I'm still single?
Now that I have finally got my dream job (Flight Attendant - WOO HOO!!!) we decided it was now time to get together.  I have the means to get my girls on a plane, so let's meet up in the awesome city, my new home, Chicago.  And that we did!  

Seeing as my girls are all stay at home mom's with a bunch of kids to tend to all day it seemed easy to come to the city on a weekend.  After all arriving early saturday morning we immediately hit the streets and saw the sites.  There was no rest for these busy mom's...if you come to Chicago don't expect time to rest and relax.  Nope, we be out seeing all the major attractions and eating plenty of awesome food.  Eating so much that you will want to be out seeing the sites trying to walk it off!  That is how I roll here in Chi-Town.

First order of buisness was a stop at Mindy's Hot Chocolate.  After all my girls arrived it was that time of day to either eat breakfast or have an early lunch.  Mindy's Hot Chocolate was the perfect place for brunch.  The hot chocolate was amazing!  It was filled to the rim kind of a cup, big enough to serve more than one sipper.  Topped off with a very square homemade marshmellow.  The dip of the spoon left it coated in chocolate.  Oh gosh, I think we just died and went to heaven.  After almost getting full on a huge cup of thick chocolate we ordered up brunch.  All us girls chatted over hot choclate and delightful food, it was like we just saw each other last week.
One large cup of hot chocolate that will knock your socks off!
And, break the bank...
After checking into our swanky hotel downtown, in the heart of the city, it was time to hit the streets of the big city.  We hit all the major sites, Michigan Ave, Navy Pier, the Chicago river, the famous flamingo structure, and ending the day with dinner at Giradonos.  I think I might have wore these girls out, kind of need to after all the food consumption.  Back to the hotel, where I completly knocked out - first one to go.
Riding the water taxi through downtown Chicago.
Gotta have Chicago style pizza.  (I'm so sick of this stuff!)

The next morning I was called to work, but was sort of blessed to have a late show time.  Still was not happy about being called in to work though.  I knew it was a possibilty, but I didn't want it to happen.  It happened.  Up and at 'em we went.  Trying to do as much as possible before I had to leave the girls.  We ended up having an awesome breakfast downtown at an old classic diner called Lou Mitchell's.  Breakfast was worth the wait.  After the scrumptious meal it was off to church.  Not with much luck...we showed up just in time to hear the closing remarks of the final speaker.  Oh well, we tried.  Lastly, they dropped me off and bid me farewell.  Then with my recommendations and directions they continued to play in the big city without me.  I was upset, and distraut.  But, what was I to do?  I will look at it as being grateful I did have a little bit of time to play with them in my new home.
Me not wanting to leave...It was really quite sad.

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MinDee said...

I wanna go back! But not prego this time. It was so much fun! Can't wait for Boston :)