Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Playing Catch Up with A Lot of Pictures

I'm trying to play catch up with all that has been going on the last few months.  I hate that I'm so behind in my blogging.  This is not like me.  My Mother said I need to break up all my writing with pictures.  So, here goes...
The Olive Family that I met working the front desk at Zion Ponderosa.
We immediately hit it off, and have now keep in touch via email.
They are from Victoria, BC.  Hopefully soon I'll get to go see them!
Left:  Taylor, me, and Amanda.
Taylor was the best roomie I could ask for, for three weeks.
Both girls were a lot of fun, and I wish
I could've had more time to play with them.
My co-worker at the front desk for three weeks, Ashley.
Flight Attendant training begun.  The friendships were instant.
Cute Ruben.  Wish I was ten years younger.
I just can't seem to get my age right!
Randy, Lizzy, Alvin, Munae, Josef, and Me.
Waiting for our bus was always a blast!
Love these ladies!  Sarah, Justine, Kendra, me, Tara, Star, Karen, and Anna.
My bestie Kendra!
My other bestie, Jo-Anne.
Kim, one of our favorite "older" ladies.
Also known as one of our many "mom's."
Angela, Jessica (Our favorite instructor), me, and Kendra.
Oliver - cutest gay ever, me, and Kendra.
Enrique, and Jo-Anne.
Now my roomies, who would've thought?
Laura and I.  She is the hippest gal I know.
Oh Sandy.  Love her!
Me and Amber.  (Now my other roomie.)
The inseparable foursome.  Tara, Me, Fidel, and Star.
Me and my girls, Star, Tara, and Kat.
I made it!  I graduated from flight attendant training.  
My favorite group of people!
My bestie!
Look who showed up to watch my
super quick graduation, my sister!
Stephanie flew to my graduation just so she could pin my wings.
The single Mormon captain I was secretly in love
with...okay all the girls were in love with him!
My latin lover!
Rebecca, the other Mormon I met who was in the class after me.
Some of my favorite peeps.  Jo, me, Kendra, and Josef.
Me and my men.  Yup, yup!
Lindsay, my favorite instructor!!!
And, I love those ladies in the background too!
Josef, my person!
Julie, and me.  The two Mormons.
Lizzy and Libby!
My two favorite ladies, Julie, and Dena.
I love Dena!
Right after graduating flight attendant training
I finally got to graduate with my
So kind of my sister to join me at the long graduation on her birthday.
And, my parents too!


Erin said...

You are such a goof! I love it. Congratulations on both of your graduations! And thanks again for spending 5 hours with me in the airport. I will love you forever for that. I can't wait until I can get a chance to visit you in Chicago for real.

Miss Jessie said...

I'm glad you finally posted pictures. Now we need pictures of life in Chicago and your many travels.

tiFfANy KaYE said...

CONGRATS Libby!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like all play and no work! I loved seeing you at the airport in your flight attendant uniform. You are the real deal now! Home Ec teacher PLUS flight attendant!