Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'll Let the Pictures Explain!

New Years Eve.  My cousin totally throws the best parties ever.
She has one in the works for my new Flight Attendant job!  Bless her!
Houston Temple.  Such a beauty.  LOVED IT!
Staying in Houston for yet again another interview.
At my Mom's Sister's funeral.  It is always nice to see
family you haven't seen forever.
Libby squared.  We are both going crazy
making the new and hottest thang.
Chicken curry - new favorite!
(The lamb dish...not a fan...and I grew up on lamb?)
First time eating real (for Utah) Indian food.
First time for me at least, and a few others!
You know I have met the one when
I hold this type of sign at the airport...
My new hottie Matt!  Yup we are on our way to
being travel buddies for life!
(Thanks Libby Sr. for finally introducing us!)
The one moment of clarity up in SLC in that eversion ridden city!
(Jordan River Temple)
Going crazy at Sam Wellers.
Spent the evening with my sister seeing
her new life in the big
city of SLC (Suga House)!
My little banana!  
Flying home from Phoenix.  Talk about the quickest flight ever.
50 minutes from Phoenix to Vegas.
Didn't get the job, but had a great experience!
Yup I got stuck in snow on the top of Brian Head,
and was 20 minutes late for an interview.
No help from anyone, and I used a garden tool to get me unstuck!
Shockingly enough I still got the job????
Didn't take it though cause I finally got my dream job!
I shouldn't have favorites....but she has won my heart. 
I love these kids!  I hope Denver will get to be
my new home so I can see them more often!
Eating at Denny's in West L.A. since the cheap hotel didn't have any free breakfast.
Yes I walked there by myself having crossed
four lanes of traffic at no cross walk.
Yes my Dad had a come apart...
Having to ask for a tooth brush and tooth paste when I got stuck in L.A.
due to weather delays from traveling home from Denver.
APPARENTLY I WILL NEVER LEARN...according to my Mother!
My little baby rat that got sent to good
will in the big move.  I'll miss this ugly guy!
Possibly had my first and hopefully last "panic attack"
due to job searching, and moving in with my parents
(which is only for two weeks, but still I'm living with my parents)!
My cousins sent this to me for Valentines Day.
This is the BEST Valentines day card EVER!
Seriously, I can not stop gushing over this!
(This is my desktop picture - can you tell
I am so in LOVE!)
Daddio turned the big 60!
He had me make a pecan pie, and coconut cream cake.
YUCK!  But, anything for his birthday!
My dear friend MinDee who is my new favorite hiking buddy.
(Thanks for letting me yell at your kids the
whole, heights, and I do NOT mix!)
Starting the hike to Angels Landing...only went to the chains
because we had kids, and I will
never ever hike the chains again.  EVER!  
One of my favorite set of kids, Mommy, friend, and Hairstylist.
Cutest picture ever!
Thanks for letting me touch your tummy too.
(I'll give back and let people touch
my tummy if I ever get knocked up.)
28 homes in the Parade of Homes and we
did all 27 IN ONE WHOLE DAY.
And, we even had a lunch break at Camille's.
 Chicken salad sandwich was SO GOOD!

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