Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Favorite Book Series

Perfect Chemistry (Perfect Chemistry, #1)Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
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Move over Twilight there is a much better series in town.  I had wanted to read this first book in the series for over a year when I first saw it at Barnes and Nobel in the young adult section.  I read the back of the book and was immediately wishing I had money to buy the book right then.  However, I waited until Christmas, bought the book for a friend of mine, and then waited for her to read it first.  She loved it, and said I would love it too.  I borrowed the book over the weekend and finished it within two days.

The story is about two high school teens who are completely different.  The girl, Brittany, is a popular rich girl, who's life is perfect, or so people think.  Alex, the boy, is Mexican, poor, HOT LOOKING, gang banger, who also doesn't have it all together.  The two are teamed up together in their chemistry class to be partners the whole year.  Brittany and Alex, two completely different people who happen to fall in love with each other over the course of the year as they work on their chemistry.  

I loved this story line, but it doesn't take much for me to love a mushy young adult romance.  I am also in love with Alex the "gang banger," so move over Edward - there is a new guy in town!!!  I will give a warning to any of those who are pure in heart - there is some language, a great deal of the "F" word, and there is some teen sex.

If you are looking for a book to escape reality this is your book.  I had to limit myself all weekend as I read it.  I would say to myself, when I get my dishes done then I can read two chapters, when I prepare my lesson for church then I can read two more chapters, and so on.  I just love when I find a book like this and it's hard to put it down.  I'm way excited to read the next two, and I just might have to break down and buy them.

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Miss Jessie said...

You're silly. I don't know why but I keep thinking that it is a fantasy, but isn't it a realistic fiction? Looks good, I might have to read it this summer.

The York's said...

I might have to break down and read it!

Berty Bell said...

Jessie, Not a fantasy! Well it's a fantasy to me cause now I want me a hot, gang banging Mexican guy. Yum! Summer, You seriously need to buy it!!!! Maybe I'll get it for your birthday. ;)

MinDee said...

i love it libby! "i have to read 2 chapters (with the f word, etc.) and then work on my lesson for church....sounded funny to me! glad you've found someone to replace edward. don't be dating gang banging mexis though, k?

Anonymous said...

Do you realize what "gang banging" is?!

You know, I don't want to judge or anything, but that book series sounds like total trash. You know, not to judge or anything because I've been known to watch Hallmark movies....LOL. Anyway, I think you and I have similar movie tastes but definitely not book taste.

Anonymous said...

Wait, is this why you keep taking Chemistry?!