Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Color Code - I'm Obsessed With it Right Now!

One day I was paroozing the isles of DI - Deseret Industries. (The St. George store is one of my favorites because rich people live in that town and like to contribute!) I mainly go right to the books when I arrive. This particular day I had a certain book in mind. The Color Code. I have a young gal in my Gospel Principles class who wants to go on a mission, and recently asked me some advice. I just told her that she needs to learn to love her companions.  I also told her that this book, The Color Code saved one of my hardest companionships. I knew that DI would most likely have The Color Code, since that is where I got my copy (since my sister stole my copy). It took some patience and searching, but sure enough there it was with a bright light around it waiting for me to take it off the shelf and buy it.

I loved my mission, and am incredibly GRATEFUL I got to serve a mission.  Basically I only went so I could get the HECK out of St. George.  Even though I went for selfish reasons I ended up learning so much and loving so many people.  My time on my mission made me a humble missionary. Oh wait, I wasn't really humble???  Well, I did get a little humble because that is when I started to shop at thrift stores - for clothes. I only did it because I had companions that would, and well, as a missionary I wasn't loaded with money. My first outting to a thrift store on my mission lead me to two polyester skirts, and a vest. One of the skirts was a sky blue polyester. The vest, brace yourself, was a cream color, with flowers, and CHAIRS! The flowers and CHAIRS were the color of blue that matched my polyester skirt. Now remember that book The Color Code that I bought at DI, well that was also brought to my attention on my mission at this particular time when I was with a companion that I absolutley did not like. I have since changed my ways and have seen how immature I was with her. I did apologize to her after my mission for not liking her, and just recently saw her again at my recent mission reunion.  (We actaully talked about how this book saved our companionship.) OKAY! Are you still with me? What I'm trying to tie all together here is that my ugly polyester skirt, and vest with CHAIRS was such a great memory with my companion that I didn't like. One day as we were out tracting and we were standing on a door step my companion looked me up and down and started to laugh, out loud. Now that was a little shocking to me because I had never seen her laugh (she was clearly not a yellow personality). I soon started to laugh myself...still not knowing what she was laughing at. When she finally got her composer she said to me, "Sister, do you see what you are wearing." I said, "Well yeah, a skirt and vest that I purchased at a thrift store???" She then said, "Sister, your vest has CHAIRS ON IT!!!!" And then there was more laughter. Luckily there was nobody home on the doorstep we were laughing on, so we stood there continuing our laughing at my hideous attire. I later burned the skirt and vest as a goodbye to the mission, and a goodbye to my humility...cause we all know I came home prideful! ;)
During that same time of me "becoming humble by my hideous attire" we were at a member's home visiting when the man of the house suggested we borrow his book, The Color Code.  I'm pretty sure he could tell there was tension between us, and began telling us how this book was used on his mission as part of their companionship study.  Before my mission I had taken this test a couple times and was always pretty "yellow" with another color.  However, when you take this test for yourself you definitely choose the answers that you would like.  That is how it was for me at least.  When we borrowed his copy of The Color Code we started our companionship study the next day with a half hour of studying The Color Code.  We took the test for each other and it turns out we were both complete opposite.  I was a strong yellow/white and she was a strong red/blue.  After the test was taken we began reading about how each of us act and the "what's" and "how's" to help us in our colored companionship.  What ended up being a really hard 3 month period ended with a marvelous and enjoyable 3 weeks.  Finally, we had figured out how to work together and had an absolute blast.

I have since taken The Color Code numerous times and for numerous reasons.  Recently a group of my bud's here in C-Town decided one night that we should all take the test for each other.  Guess what my results were...yep, I'm a strong yellow/white.  I have taken this test with my family (they took it for me) and my results were yellow/red. I have decided that I am definitely a little different with family then I am with friends.  For the most part I'm going to stick with my yellow/white personality.  I love being yellow/white, and by golly I'm proud of it!  If you haven't taken The Color Code you are missing out on some great relationship information.  This test and book is so fun, and SO true.  I have such a strong testimony of The Color Code and know that it is a true book, and it has very true principles in it to help any type of relationship.  

So the question is, what color are you?


Anonymous said...

I just found a test online and did it. I am 66% blue with some red and white and very little yellow. But, I think you and I get along pretty well, right? Maybe two yellows would kill each other! I've never had someone else do the test for me, so I'm not sure if I'm tainting it or not. I think Ethan has a lot of yellow and is more like you.

I wish you still had that skirt and vest. They look so fun! Yeah, sister missionaries end up dressing pretty ugly by the end of the mission. I remember that my sister was so sick of wearing the same few outfits, so she gave them to me when she came home.

MinDee said...

what a great testimony about the color code libby. actually i think i'd like to try it and with nate too. it would be interesting.

Miss Jessie said...

I still think you're dominate color is red, or maybe that is just with me Miss Bossy Boss. I have a strong testimony of this book as well. It is a great way to learn to understand other people's personalities.
Just so everyone knows I am a strong, strong blue. I think that's why Libby is the only one that can get me to lose my temper (blues and reds have the hardest time getting along.) Two weeks just the two of us in a car might get me to lose my temper, I hope you'll be prepared with your camera Libby.

Anisa said...

I remember the Color Code book back from when I was a teenager:)

I've always been red... I wonder if having kids or being married to Ryan has changed me at all... maybe I should re-test.

Cardine said...

I'm a white-yellow, but it depends on who you ask. That's how I usually test. My cousin is always amazed that I grew up with a family of reds and blues and am still me. Actually, I'd say that one of my sisters is a white-blue. But anyway, I think my family instilled some red and blue traits in me, so I've always considered myself more of a chameleon where different traits come out around different people. I usually revert back to white after a time of knowing them, though. One thing's for sure: I am boring. :)