Monday, December 14, 2009

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive!

(This doesn't look like a lot of fabric, but I have yards and yards! Picture doesn't do it justice.)

I just finished another semester of school. Yeah for me! Along with finishing another semester I finished my last sewing class. On the last day of class I was finishing up my final project, a Lined Jacket - very pleased with myself, and the outcome of it. (Watch for postings on that beauty.) However, as we are constantly chatting it up in class I was complaining to my fellow classmates about how I don't have any Sunday attire for church. Well, with my complaining my Professor said, "Here you go!" And handed me a pile of fabric straight out of an era I was never around for. I was consumed with joy! I just was given some of the most cutest fabric EVER! Since I am now officially done with work for three weeks and my dear friend Holly lent me her trusty sewing machine for the last two months I am going to get busy and make those church clothes (skirts) that I apparently don't have enough of....

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Romberger Family said...

i'll wait for postings on the skirts!