Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Alive, Clean, and Waiting for Love From the River...

Well, I accomplished another big time goal! I just got done rafting down the Colorado River from Phantom Ranch, Grand Canyon, to Diamond Creek. What a BLAST! A BLAST I TELL YOU, OH MY GOSH IT WAS JUST GRAND! Like the canyon...

My first big thing was to go with out showering, I think that was much accomplished except for the major rapids that showered me, however, I never did soap up before them.

Second, I tried to find LOVE - even on the River. Halfway through our rafting journey we came to a place called Deer Creek Falls. It was one of our longer hikes, and full of heights, to which I am becoming less and less of a fan...anyhow, as the others were off hiking I stayed behind and just chilled. Josh (my totally awesome cousin who is the best river guide ever) told me of a crevice between the rocks that river guides would leave notes and treasures for other river guides. Since I didn't go hiking Stephanie and I decided to check out these nestled treasures. As the Lord be will'n and the creek don't rise I found a letter, or a "NOTICE" from a man looking for a women. Ah ha, I decided to answer this man's "notice" and as time will hopefully tell, and according to my cousin Josh, this young man should be answering my reply come next summer when the rafting season begins.

Among other things of which are of more importance, the rafting trip of a LIFETIME through the Canyon of the GRAND was beyond awesome, and even with being the middle of November I would do it again if the chance arose.

Day One: Were supposed to camp at the top of the South Rim, but decided it was way to fetching cold and stayed in a hotel. (And, I didn't even shower...)
Day Two: At the butt crack of dawn (5:00am) we began our hike down the Grand Canyon, 7 1/2 miles to the bottom to what is called Phantom Ranch. Crossed paths with my brother as he was finishing his trip and I was just beginning. Met up with the rest of the party who had already been rafting for eight days. Changed into my hideous manly gear and was thrown into some MASSIVE rapids.
Day Three: Camped at a beautiful sight, survived the cold camp air, geared up for another day on the river with side hikes that were beautiful as could be.
Day Four: Thrown into a very cold day, with a very frightening moment of one of our parties boat being flipped over. And, very grateful that everyone was okay.
Day Five: More river rafting, beautiful side hikes, and my friend Stephanie's Birthday. We also took a moment of silence for missing the opening night of New Moon...
Day Six: You guessed it, more river rafting and side hikes.
Day Seven: Conquered the ugliest rapid on the Grand Canyon - safely made it through Lava Falls, class 10 rapid. Woosh - out of control, yet totally amazing. The Lord heard our many prayers that day and kept all of us safe. I have to share this "not at the moment" funny thing that did happen on Lava Falls. I was in the raft that would always go first through the rapids (Josh's raft) and at each rapid we would wait at the bottom to make sure everyone got through safely. As we patiently waited at the bottom (which seemed like an eternity) Logan and Glen finally approached the rapid. There was a huge rock that blocked part of our view of them coming through. As we watched we could see that they made it through the first big hole, then they went out of view. With our view being blocked with the rock we had to wait to make sure they made it through the other rocks/holes. Just as they came into view we saw their boat beginning to flip and Glen scrambling to high side it so it wouldn't flip over. As we see Glen trying to keep the boat down we notice Logan (who was rowing) is gone. Now if you know my relationship with Logan you might think that I was happy, but as it was I started to panic and tear up, just as the tears, yes TEARS hit we see on the other side of the raft Logan clinging on to the rope with a hand in the air shouting "YEAH!!!!" The tears immediately turned to tears of happiness. Logan was gratefully okay.
Day Eight: A few big rapids, but not like the other day's, the canyon began to open up more, and a stench from not showering starts to seep out. Yet, who cares???
Day Nine: Basically on still water, basking in the warm sun, and continuing to smell.
Day Ten: Our journey is over as we finish rowing to Diamond Creek, the sun on our faces, literally, since I got burned, and arriving at a baron bank to pack up and wait for our rides to greet us and take us home. Finally, arriving home close to midnight to be greeted by my Mother who first thing out of her mouth is, "What is that smell?" Well mommy dearest - that would be me, and Frankly my Dear, I don't give a damn! Actually a hot shower has never felt so good!

As a final word, if anyone ever goes rafting down the Grand Canyon don't ask your guide (luckily my guide was my cousin who knew how ditsy I was...) as you are floating down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, and say, "What Canyon is this?" To his reply, "Well Libby, this canyon is The Grand Canyon." Is it okay to use the excuse that the smell coming from my body was overpowering my brain to function properly?

To see pictures you can go to my cousin Logan's blog, Paddle Oar Die or I have posted pictures, if you scroll down to "Libby's Pictures" you will see a new set of pictures called "Canyon of the Grand." Enjoy!!!

Special Thanks to my wonderful extended family for allowing me to come on this "once and a lifetime" trip. I will always have fond memories. Thank you, thank you!


Romberger Family said...

Libby, that sounds like so much fun! I'm so glad you went. It was worth the stress..right?? I always thought for some reason that it was your family going...like immediate fam. I was so impressed that your mom would go!! But I guess, nevermind. You could go Ellen...I'd love to see you on the rapids ;)

Lisa said...

Loved the post! I even went and looked at the pictures! Beautiful and looks like fun! I can't wait to see if you hear from the guide! I can't wait, I can't wait!

Jessie said...

I hope that works out between you and your dream guy. Sounds like a lot of fun, maybe someday I'll get the opportunity to do it too.