Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Someone Else is Living My Dream

Today, like many days, after I get my daily mail I drive pass a decrypted sad house. Everyday I drive by I think to myself, I wish I had money to buy this house and restore it. Ever since I was a little girl and would come to the quiet town of Kannaraville to visit both my Grandparents I would walk between both my Grandparents houses, which was three blocks between each other. As I would walk from one house to the other I would pass this old, yet beautiful house. Even as a little girl I wished that I could someday buy this house. As truth be told I did not get the chance to buy this house. However, someone else did, and praise the Lord above they are taking the house and restoring it for me. Well, not for me, but they are restoring it and making it beautiful once again. I get joy just knowing that they are going to turn this house into a real beauty! So, like many days of driving by on my way from the Post Office I took a chance and stopped. I saw two men working away on the house and asked if I could, by chance, take a gander at what remained. Both gentlemen were kind enough to take a break and give me a tour. Along with the tour they described to me what the plans were for the eventually restored house.

As you walk in the front door of the house you have a very open entry way with a set of stairs that lead upstairs. The stairs are going, and they are putting in an elevator. To your right of the entry is a living room, which will stay a living room. To the back of the living room there is a door leading outside. They will turn that area (outside) into a laundry room and bathroom. By the way this house has no bathrooms??? Going back to the entry if you go to the left you enter into a very sad kitchen. This kitchen will turn into the couples dinning room. At the back of the kitchen there is a door that leads, once again, outside. There is going to be an extension with a huge, gourmet, state of the art kitchen. Now go with me upstairs. The upstairs, as of now has two large bedrooms. The bedroom on the right will turn into the master bedroom with an extension that adds a master bathroom. The bedroom on the left will be turned into an office with a balcony leading out the back over the new kitchen. Finally there will be an attached garage in the backyard, over the front door will be another balcony, and the scary old cellar, well it's becoming a wine cellar, and yes, the elevator will go down to the cellar as well. (I failed to mention that there will be a set of stairs leading from the kitchen up to the office in the back of the house.)

I hope that gives you an idea of my dream home. I'm excited to see the finished product. The contractor said it should be finished in about 9 months and when it's done they will have an open house for the folks here in Kanarraville to parade through. You know me, I will have my camera, so be patient and in 9 months when I'm pregnant - KIDDING, I'll have pictures of my finished dream home to share! You will definitely want to stay tuned!


Jessie said...

I'm very excited for that. I will definitely come to the open house to see the finished project!

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

Can't wait to read all about it! Oh, and I dare you to be pregnant in nine months! lol

Lucashell said...

When me and Lucas where dating we decided we wanted to buy that home and fix it up... I can't wait to see the pics

Anisa said...

Let me know when they do their open house... I'd love to see it if I'm around.