Friday, February 20, 2009

Dating Stinks...I'll leave it at that????

This is too funny!

I quote from a book, Dating Makes You Want to Die: (But You Have to Do It Anyway)

“First thing first: It’s important to remember that being single is not a death sentence that your mother makes it out to be. Sure, at your age, most of the good men and women are already snatched up by people more together than you, and you’re not getting better – you’re getting older. But hope is not lost, miserable single person. Let’s look at a few characteristics that define who you are and what’s horribly, horribly wrong with you – and show you how to fix them.

Should you hate yourself for being single? (Side note from me, Libby - only when my family is constantly asking me why I'M SINGLE....Then yes, I start to hate myself.)

Somehow we’ve all been programmed to believe that if you haven’t already gotten married on a Disney cruise, (LDS Standards – Mormon Temple) popped out two children by thirty, live in a subdivision, and plan all-inclusive vacations to Mexico, where the only exotic people you meet are from Idaho, there is something wrong with you. Well, okay, so your mother probably thinks there is something wrong with you – but that doesn’t mean you should. Why in the world are you supposed to hate yourself because someone with nothing better to do hasn’t asked you to get married and live a boring life watching cable on your La-Z-Boy? No. You should love yourself because of this.

Single women have everything going for them – there is a world of possibility ahead of them. Every single man you encounter knows he can try to get into your pants without getting smacked down by a boyfriend/husband. But talking to these eager men about how you hate yourself because you’re single means that you will always, always be single. They won’t jump up and say, “You hate being single, too? Let’s make babies together, hot stuff!” No, they will back away and talk to the confident single girl who seems like she might be fun to hang out with.

Sure, you want to share your life with someone. That’s a nice thought. But hating yourself because that hasn’t happened yet only leads to overeating, depression, and wearing sweatpants everywhere you go. And you can let that happen only once you’re married (Side note from me, Libby...NOW THAT'S FUNNY!). Being a downer means that other downers will want to be around you, and doubling that Prozac prescription is pricey.”

The book goes on, and keeps me laughing!!! Just thought I would share this with all you out there who are married, and didn’t get the chance to be in a 28 year old (SINGLE) person’s shoes.

FYI: I WILL NOT JOIN ANY DATING WEBSITES – I HAVE NO DESIRE!!! (Those of you who have pushed me onto them...You know who you are in regards to me dating…)


The Gisle's said...

So...that's like a really, really big picture of your face on your blog there. :) Sorry about having to date. Honestly, I am. I hated it with all my heart at the age of 16 and 17.

Lucashell said...

Well I have to say that I didn't believe in Dating websites. Until, my friend got marride by meeting someone off E-harmony. He is a really cool guy and they have been marride for 2 years and are so happy!

Well watch sex and the city, and see all the single woman and how much fun they have-
"Although they do sleep with everyone"

Anisa said...

I think being single is fun. Being married is fun in a different way. Having kids is fun but a lot of work. Enjoy yourself while you can.

Evolve said...

Okay single and mingle, 28 and ready to date who is looking for their soulmate. What an interesting post! I love it! Does this apply for single men too? Probably not because most guys don't want to be married anyways! Listen hear, try an online dating site! JK! I've given up on those too! I will say though chica...its absolutely right. And the problems is, we're also travellers who love to explore the world, it sure doesn't help our cause but at the same time you would think that it would cuz its the same type of people we want to be with except in Alaska and on the train you get all the drunks and potheads. Go figure....but then married people just don't get it either since they are programmed just like the book says. Keep your head up....its like this email I sent about apples and wine. "Women are like apples the best ones are at the top but men can't climb to reach for the best so the settle for the closest one they can reach. Men are like grapes waiting for a women to smash them with their feet to make sweet wine. " So its not the exact story but you get the picture. LOL. MISS YOU GIRLIE!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anisa. Being single is fun, but different fun than marriage. Sometimes I look at you and other singles and wish I would have had a longer single life. I feel like being single in the Church is like being married but without kids in the Church. Other people feel more sorry for me than I do for myself, and if they'd quit pestering me, I'd actually be really happy! So, ignore everyone else, just make sure you're right before God, and HAVE FUN BEING SINGLE!