Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello, My Name is Liberty, and I have a Learning Disability.

I am taking a Special Education class this semester because it is required for the education program, and my degree.  However, as I have been attending the class and learning about students with learning disabilities I have found that I too have a learning disability.  I apparently struggle with directions.  Oh don’t you worry your little self I’m almost positive as this class continues on I will find more learning disabilities that I have. 

As for now I am accepting this disability, and here is why.  As a child I remember distinctly my mom giving me the responsibility of making Mac & Cheese FROM A BOX.  I completely and 100% ruined the dinner, all because I did not read the directions carefully.  Mac & Cheese how hard is that to make???  I know you are saying that to your self right about now.  As a student in classes at school (even now) when an assignment is given orally I am completely lost, in the end, because of embarrassment I have to ask a fellow student or see the teacher.  As I have began to sew for myself and for classes at school, for me to read the pattern is almost impossible!  Reading recipes is a joke for me, I have to really study the recipe and continue to go back and check.  There has been numerous times where an ingredient has been left out – simply because I did not read/understand the directions. Another situation that brought this even more to my attention was Enrichment on Wednesday.  The lesson was on keeping a journal, and the activity was making our own journal – a book.  Well, long story short I went through the whole process to have the instructor of the class rip mine apart, and then for her to just give me all new supplies and send me on my way.  Yup, couldn’t take directions.

The reason I bring this up now is because just a few days ago in my Special Education class we had to split up into five groups and do some group activities, these were all activities that students in school with learning disabilities struggle with.  One of the activities was a “follow directions” activity.  I soon became the “class clown” because I was the only one who did not understand the directions.  I thought I was following the directions and everyone else was the “stupid” one.  Oh no, it was all me - Yeah Buddy.  In the end I didn’t feel all that bad because in some of the other activities I scored pretty high while others scored lower.

I also want to point out that some of the most influential people in the world struggle themselves with learning disabilities, such as, Charles Schwab, Walt Disney, Tom Cruise (Yeah, Tom Cruise, he’s already a nut case???), just to name a few. 

Stay tuned, it will be interesting to see what other disabilities I have…we know one is singing.  Wink, wink!


The Gisle's said...

So......wait.....what disability is this exactly? All this really sounds like is my brother Scott who just has problems with anyone telling him what to do. Not a disability as much as a dislike of any authoritative figure. Maybe you don't like be "told" what to do...even if it is just on paper. :) (Wink, wink!) Isn't it funny the things we learn about ourselves as adults!

Anisa said...

It's just because you're blonde.

Jessie said...

I agree with Anisa. I'd be curious to find out what kind of disabilities I have. You'll have to let me know.

Logan and Sydney said...

I took a Human Exceptionalities class much like the class you describe. After that I was convinced that I am ADD, and that everyone in the whole world is both gifted and learning disabled. I'm positive.

audrab said...

Okay so this has nothing to do with your post, because to be quite honest I never make it through those long ones that are several paragraphs long :):)That isn't a knock on you its more of a knock on my attention span, I am more of a pictures with captions girl if you know what I mean....anyway I totally love how you have that quote from Michael Scott from The Office on your blog and then directly below it you have all of these church quotes....Nice Libby