Thursday, December 18, 2008

Panama - We Broke the Canal

We pulled an all niter, can't tell you the last time I stayed up all night.  Might have been back when I went to Price is Right (almost ten years ago...).  We stayed up all night to see us go through the first lock.  We pulled into the canal around 5:00am and started are LONG journey through.  As were making our approach I couldn't handle the lack of sleep and took a five minute power nap.  It was amazing to go through the canal, to see the beautiful newly built Mormon Temple overlooking the canal.  After making it through the first lock we said it's time for breakfast, and off to a long nap!  We were knocked out completely, luckily we even got caught on camera.  Now, when I said we broke the canal we did.  After our long nap we awoke to the announcement that the boat was "broke down" inside the canal - never did find out what really happened, but I do know it made CNN???  It took about two hours before we got moving again.  In the end we began the canal in the dark and finished in the dark.

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Sherratt's said...

You are just the world traveler!! That is where Zach was born, right there in Panama. We want to go someday. Hope your having fun!!!