Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My new friend Hamilton!  Bound for a Mormon Mission - what a cutie!
The Mormon Church!  How exciting!!!
Nicaragua was a very different experience for me.  I had a breakdown.  As we were taking our own tour through some of the cities I just saw all the children around barefoot, all the homes that weren't even close to being a home - four tins in a square with a tin on top.  I started to cry, I was so overwhelmed with emotion at how these people live.  We are spoiled here in North America - spoiled!!!  I did get a hold of myself, but was very wishy washy the rest of the time.  I do have to say, I was way excited to see three sets of Elder Missionaries, and we even saw one of the many Mormon Churches.  Also, to top it off we met a nice young man named Hamilton who is a member of the church and is getting ready to serve a mission.  In fact, I gave him my email and I have already heard from him.  The best of luck to him.  The church is everywhere, and strong even third world countries.

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Anonymous said...

And I think it's the Church that is going to bring people out of poverty, too. That really is the way to solve the world's problems. Imagine what these poorer countries would be like if the Church weren't there!

Sounds like you're having lots of fun! I really really really want to learn Spanish, and then Ethan and I will go traveling through Central America. That is one of the things on my To Do List.