Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Gets Me Through a Train Day

Pickles and Bloody Mary's, that's what gets me through a long train day!  I can't even say how many times a day I run down to the kitchen and have a pickle.  Eating a pickle is like having a cigarette after sex.  Okay, so I can only imagine - that's the kind of high I get from eating a pickle.  It really gets me through the long train day.  When I'm not running down to the kitchen for a pickle I'm sipping back a tasty VIRGIN Bloody Mary.  Yes, I do have to clarify to the passengers when they catch me drinking one that it's a "virgin" drink.  If it weren't for these two tasty treats I would have probably quit the train life months ago.  I'm a little dramatic, but I'm grateful for these two foods on the train. 


Anisa said...

Forget the virgin... I think you should go for the real stuff!

Lucashell said...

Everyone Has there fix to get them through the day.. Trust me I have them!

Jessie said...

You always were obsessed with pickles. A bloody mary does not sound good at all! I'd much rather have Noel make me a Virgin Mosquito Bite!