Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Friends!

I have some of the nicest friends in my life!  Good friends are always the sweetest in life.  

While staying in Seattle the Green's were so gracious to let us stay with them for two nights.  They are the craziest, yet sweetest people ever!  Their two girls are adorable.  Juliana, their oldest daughter broke my heart when we left, she wanted to come to Utah with us.  She got her shoes on and everything.  Sorry sweetie, I would love too, but honestly we have no room.  Plus your parents would miss you!  What a doll!
Next, in Portland we stayed with my dear friend Ciara, and her husband Herb.  They to also have two cutie pa tootie kids (Sage and Herbie)!  We were just stopping in to visit and they let us crash for the night - with a great home cooked breakfast in the morning.  How sweet are they?  SUPER SWEET!  
Thanks my dear friends - may the Lord bless you for your hospitality.  Always know my place is always open to travelers coming through!!!  

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beverlibee said...

I am so jealous; you got to see my nieces and I didn't...I have not even met Chantel before!